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FARSite Counter FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation DFARS - Department of Defense AFARS - Department of the Army AFFARS - Department of Air Force DARS - Defense Information Systems Agency DLAD - Defense Logistics AgencyD NMCARS - Department of Navy SOFARS - United States Special Operations Command TRANSFARS - United States Transportation Command AGAR - Department of Agriculture AIDAR - Agency for International Development CAR - Department of Commerce DEARS - Department of Energy DIAR - Department of the Interior DOLAR - Department of Labor DOSAR - Department of State DTAR - Department of the Treasury EDAR - Department of Education EPAAR - Environmental Protection Agency FEHBAR - OPM, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance GSAM - General Services Administration HHSAR - Department of Health and Human Services HSAR - Department of Homeland Security HUDAR - Department of Housing and Urban Development IAAR - Broadcasting Board of Governors JAR - Department of Justice LIFAR - OPM, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance NFS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration NRCAR - Nuclear Regulatory Commission TAR - Department of Transportation VAAR - Department of Veterans Affairs