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  1. Question.   How do I know what Federal Regulations I need?
    Answer.   The following order and numbering apply to Clauses:
    Regulation Clause Prefix
    FAR 52
    DFAR 252
    AFAR (Army) 5152
    NMCARS (Navy Marines) 5252
    AFFARS (Air Force) 5352

  2. Question.   How do I get to the Federal Regulations?
    Answer.   The FAR, DFAR, AFFAR, AFMCFAR, and FIRMR can be reached by clicking on the Regulations link (Plus sign), and then selecting the regulation you want.
  3. FARSite

  4. Question.  Can I navigate between the different parts of the regulations?
    Answer.  Yes. The TABS on top of the regulation pages will navigate you to each part of the FAR (DFAR, AFFARS, Ect.)
  5. FAR

  6. Question.   What is the AF Biz OPs?
    Answer.  This web page is designed to be a single face to industry point for anyone interesting in government contracting. The page is capable of directing you to any military organization's RFPs, RFQs, and eventually synopsis listings. The WEB page promotes business opportunities within the Air Force.
  7. Question.  How do I view regulatory changes?
    Answer.  You can view regulatory changes by clicking on the changes, and then the changes you want to view. i.e. FAC, DAC, DDPM, AFAC, AFMCAC, IPL. If you want to view regulatory change status in regards to ACPS or MADESII implementation click on Regulation Status. Now select the regulatory change you want to view and it will load in your browser. >
  8. Question.  In frames how do I navigate without losing the current frame setup?
    Answer.  If using Netscape 2.0+ a right mouse click will give you a "Back in frame" or "Forward in Frame" option. If you are using another frame capable browser you can click on HOME PAGE or any other choice in the bottom frames.
  9. far-1

  10. I cannot send an e-mail to you using the e-mail link on your site and my browser!
    Answer  This is probably due to not configuring your browser (Internet viewer) to send email over the Internet. Remember this is different from your normal email system because it uses a separate 'engine' to make it run. You must enter a mail server (computer) in the preferences section of your browser, i.e in Netscape, you would find this under Options, Mail and News Preferences, Servers. Under this preference or any other one for that matter, you probably need to add the SMTP, POP3, and NNTP server names (NOTE: NNTP is not required to send and receive email). Don't worry these are big names for simple things. They represent the names of the computer 'mailman' which handles all the processing for mail and news. Their names will look like this....for SMTP and POP3: 'mail.serviceprovider.com', while the NNTP server name will look like, 'news.serviceprovider.com'   The italicized word needs to be replaced while the unitalicized should remain the same.
  11. Sometimes I can't get to FARSite. It says your 'server' is down, or DNS not available.
    Answer This can be caused by a variety of reasons.    (1) Your connection to the Internet is affected by the amount of traffic on the net (basically we see higher traffic at noon, Mondays, and Fridays, for example.) This higher traffic can slow the back and forth replies between computers enough to cause what we call a 'time out'. This means your computer didn't get a response fast enough so it says the other computer (FARSite) is not home. (2) >We may be doing something to the server to fix a problem. Usually there will be a notice telling you of impending down time and how long we anticipate the delay.   (3) Since we are building constantly, there is a need to restart FARSite to make effective changes. This is no more than a two minute down time and will not be prefaced by a notice. Bottom Line: Retry in about four minutes to be sure.
  12. Can anyone use FARSite, or do you need a password?
    Answer FARSite is open to all users on the Internet. Certain areas in FARSite forum requires ID and passwords to have access.
  13. What is on FARSite?
  14. Your background is very hard on the eyes and makes some of the text hard to read.
  15. My coworker told me FARSite has something new but when I go to the page it has the same old stuff.
  16. What is this JAVA and does it affect my computer?
  17. Can I use FARSite without graphics?
  18. I get a Fatal Error 500 when I try to access FARSite. Are you limiting access to the site?
  19. Do I need a frames capable viewer to view any of the material on FARSite?
  20. How can I down load the FAR?
    Answer  You can down load a Zipped Version of the regulations by selecting "Downloads", "Regulations" and then by selecting the files you want to download.
  21. How can I print just one piece of a FAR section or paragraph? When I try to block the portion I want, and print only that block, I get the entire FAR part.
    Answer  The two most popular browsers (and most software products) aren't set up to print based on a highlighted area.

    The best way is to "Copy and Paste" by highlighting the text, choosing "Edit" and then "Copy" from the top-line menu of the browser (or Ctrl+C); and then pasting, choosing "Edit" and then "Paste" from the top-line menu in your word processor (or Ctrl+V).

    Copying and pasting into a word processing document also allows you to tie various disjointed sections together into one document or to insert FAR text into an existing document such as a letter.
  22. Sometimes a page begins to download into my browser and just stops mid-page. For example a results page says there are 60 documents, but only 15 show up. What's wrong?
    Answer  Occasionally your browser cache gest full and is only allowing a portion of the results page to load.

    If you are using Netscape 4.5 (earlier versions have a similar function) go to your top-line menu and select "Edit" then "Preferences..." and then the plus (+) symbol by the "Advanced" category. Next, choose the "Cache" selection. In the resulting window press the "Clear Memory Cache" button, and the resulting "OK." Do the same with the "Clear Disk Cache" button and choose the "OKs" until you return to your browser window.

    If you are using MS Internet Explorer (earlier versions have a similar function), select "View" from the top-line menu, then "Internet Options." In the resulting window press the "Delete Files" button in the "Temporary Internet Files" area and then the "OK" buttons until you return to your browser window. Click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button to reload the document.

    These steps clean out temporary files that take up space on your PC dedicated to your browser. When the temporary files are gone, more room is left for complete pages to load.

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