Air Force Materiel Command FAR Supplement (AFMCFARS)

2007 Edition

Deferred Effectivity: 1 Nov 07

NOTICE: PEO Program Approval Thresholds

(Parts 5306, 5315, 5316, 5317, 5337)

Subject to PEO approval

(PEO-directed changes-- if any, to be incorporated prior to 1 Nov 07)

For additional information contact:

HQ AFMC/PKP, 4375 Chidlaw Rd; Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-5006

Ms Carol White, DSN 787-2646


This new 2007 Edition of the AFMC FAR Supplement (AFMCFARS) is a result of the LEAN CONTRACTING 21–AFMCFARS TRANSFORMATION Initiative (Phase I) to lean contracting processes, eliminate waste and non-value added policies/processes, and develop Enterprise Standardization for increased efficiency and alignment with General Carlson’s “One Materiel Enterprise” vision. This is an AFSO21 initiative and a Phase O initiative under Developing and Sustaining Warfighter Systems (D&SWS).

The LEAN CONTRACTING 21–AFMCFARS TRANSFORMATION initiative was undertaken by over 75 AFMC contracting professionals representing all AFMC Centers, AFRL and HQ Contracting policy staff. The changes effected in this new edition represent 12 months of concentrated effort by this Enterprise Team to optimize/standardize contracting policies and procedures. This edition also includes some administrative and HQ AFMC acquisition changes which will be specified in the appropriate section of the below Summary of Changes.

All AFMC contracting Enterprise policies/processes are reflected in this 2007 Edition of the AFMCFARS. Mandatory policies/processes are contained in the Supplement. Discretionary information, including how-to guidance and best practices, have been included in a new Informational Guidance (IG) document (under separate cover) which is intended to provide additional explanation and insight for specific paragraphs within the Supplement. Use of the IG is consistent with the AFFARS approach and can be accessed within the Supplement via hyperlinks or directly via the AFMCFARS Library, informational guidance tab. In addition to the new IG document, several new AFMC guides were adopted/standardized. These guides are accessible via in-text Supplement references/hyperlinks or directly via the AFMC Policy Vault. The new guides are as follows: Part 5310—Market Research; Part 5315.4—Defective Pricing; Part 5317 – Insurance Policy—Spares/Repairs; Part 5349 – Termination for Convenience and Termination for Default.

As a result of the Part 5301 changes incorporated in this 2007 Enterprise Edition, local contracting policy/process books are no longer authorized. Additionally, an Enterprise Policy/Process Board, comprised of contracting membership from every center, has been established to anchor these new business procedures for sustainment and maintenance of this Enterprise approach.

The 2007 AFMCFARS and Informational Guidance have been released for publication and are posted on the Hill AFB FAR Site for reference purposes until the mandatory effective date of 1 Nov 2007. Deferred effectivity is due to known workload impacts necessitating initial field training prior to effectivity and the need for completion of pending PEO concurrences for the PEO Program approval thresholds. On 1 Nov 2007, the 2006 edition of the AFMCFARS, as posted on the Hill FAR Site, will be replaced by the 2007 edition and will be mandatory for all actions, including solicitiations, new contracts, BPAs, BOAs and any modifications and delivery/task orders.

Summary of Changes



AFMCFARS 5301 – FAR Systems

5301.108 FAR Conventions (90)

• Add—Standardized requirement for delegations/redelegations to be in Writing

• Add—Standardized procedures for how to read/interpret contractual action dollar values for determining clearance/other thresholds, including modifications, multiple contracts, IDIQs, BPAs (competitive & noncompetitive)

5301.301 Policy

• Add – Local contracting policies are not authorized. Provides direction to raise issues/concerns/topics through Chief of Clearance and Program Support to new MAJCOM PK Enterprise Policy/Process Board forum.

5301.304-91 Use & Approval Provisions/Clauses not in Part 52

• Add (a) – (f) – Standardized One-time Use (Clauses) Procedures (CO determination/legal concurrence)

• Add – Standardized Program Unique/Recurring Clause Use – CO written determination w/legal concur and COCO approval

5301.403 Individual Deviations

• Add – Requirement for CO to obtain COCO coordination prior to submittal to Legal, and that local Clearance and Program Support office is to submit to approval authority (approval authority unchanged=SCCO)

5301.404 Class Deviations

• Add – Requirement for CO to obtain COCO coordination prior to submittal to legal, and local Clearance and Program Support office to submit to SCCO for coordination and HQ AFMC/PKP for processing.

5301.601-90 Contracting Assessment Program (CAP)

• Add – Requirements for each Center and ABW to conduct self-inspections and post award reviews. At minimum, annual self-inspections with current Unit Compliance Checklists (UCI); post awards at least 2% of contract actions issued below clearance review thresholds using UCI;

      • Add: AFMC/PK may request reports on same with centers reporting total numbers of actions reviewed, rationale for determining sampling mix, significant findings and corrective actions taken/planned

5301.602-2 Responsibilities (contracting officers)

• Add Requirements for legal reviews over & above AFFARS 5301.602-2(c)(4)– procurement integrity, organizational conflict of interest, defective pricing, advance or pre-contract cost agreements, UCAs

• Sets AEDC legal review requirement at $500K

5301.602-3 Ratifications

• Add – CO’s shall use the AFFARS MPs, including Template, for PEO and Other Contracting

• Add -- Send ratifications through Wing CC or equivalent to approval authority

• Add – Send copy of signed contract executing ratification to the SCCO—not SCO per AFFARS MP)

• Add –Approval Authority Other Contracting < 30K is COCO

5301.603-1 Selection, appointment and termination of appointment

• Add (91) – Upon selection to position, Contracting Squad Commanders forward resume package to SCCO in support of immediate appointment as CO with unlimited warrant. Pkg requires CO Appointment/Termination Request. For CONS/CC, the package is submitted to HQ AFMC/PKX. (PK Director Approved)

• Add (92) – For 88th and 377th CONS Squad CC has authority for issuance of limited warrants through remainder of interim state. These are existing, non-standard delegations and are valid only in assigned squadron—not transferable.

• Add (93) – Requirement for Interim (current) State standardized procedures for selection, appointment, and termination of CO’s: (a) nomination pkgs, (b) unlimited warrants, (c) Reissue of unlimited warrants, (d) limited warrants, etc. (PK Director Approved)

• Adds (g)—Requirement for Future State CO Warrant procedures to be developed in Phase II (FY08)---Concept/Definitions/Rules for Future State CO Warrant Test/Board Process for Unlimited & Limited Warrants modeled after the Ogden ALC model (contained in IG) (PK Director Approved)

5301.9000 Clearance

• Add – Standardized Requirements for types of actions requiring and/or excluded from clearance

• Add – Standardized Legal Review Requirements

5301.9001 Clearance Policy, thresholds and approvals

• Add – Standardized Clearance Review Thresholds / Review Table (PK Director Approved)

• Revise (90)– Updated Wing / Group PK Equivalents Table w/Criteria—

      o Adds minimum criteria on Structure (org outside Wing structure or Wing/Grp level missing, and Quality (must have sufficient contracting expertise and independence to satisfy clearance objectives in AFFARS).

      o Adds requirements for requests for Wing/Group equivalency—from Center to HQ AFMC/PKP

      o Add requirement if Wing or Grp equivalent is SSA for action, the CAA shall be at least one level higher in clearance approval level

      o Add requirement Wing/Grp PK Deputies are authorized to exercise clearance approval authority as long as SSA not at same PK level.

      o Add requirement for individuals designated in writing by Wing/Grp PK to act in absence of Wing/Grp PK designees—may exercise clearance approval in absence of CAA; if not delegated in writing—clearance approval must be at next higher clearance approval level

      o Add requirement for classified actions if staff reviewers don’t have appropriate security clearances—Grp or Wing PK with appropriate security clearance will perform clearance review

5301.9002 Clearance Procedures

• Add – Standardized Requirements for Clearance Request template, CO review, Legal Review, Clearance Review, Clearance Record, Clearance Briefing templates, Clearance Approval

• Add – Standardized Requirements for Resubmission for Clearance Approval—exceed approved negotiation parameters, changes in contract type/share ratio/significant terms and conditions, major changes in quantity/requirements (competitive and non-competitive)

5301.9003 Documentation

• Add – leading statement referring to IG for sample documentation/templates

5301.9004 Clearance and Source Selection – Add leading statement referring to IG for added guidance

5301.9102 Ombudsman Program – Add reference to AFFARS List

AFMCFARS 5302 -- Definitions of Words and Terms

5302.101 Definitions

• Add – Center Commander definition to include field activity commander or civilian equivalent of NWC.

• Add – Director of Contracting (311 HSW/PK) is designated Assistant Director of Contracting for ASC/PK, with all authorities per AFFARS 5302.

AFMCFARS 5304 – Administrative Matters

5301.101-90(a) – (e) Early Effective Date

• Add – Policy/Procedures for approval of Early Effective Date (Wing PK level or Equivalent per Part 1 Table 5301.9001(g)(1)—PK Director Approved)

5304.201-90 Use of Paper and Electronic Document Distribution

• Add -- Leading statement to transition to IG for center-specific guidance on non-standard processes for distribution of contractual documents, electronic transmittal and paper processing.

AFMCFARS 5305 –Publicizing Contract Actions

5305.101-90 Dissemination of Information

• Add – CO must screen all solicitation data prior to posting to GPE or other electronic means. Information inappropriate for public release (FOUO, sensitive UNCLAS, Classified) shall not be made electronically available

• Add – IG content with Synopsis Notes / recommended method of publicizing actions between $10K and $25K

5305.102 Availability of Solicitations

• Add – Link for use of unique Gateways to GPE at ESC (HERBB) and ASC (PIXS)

• Add link to WR-ALC unique process guide for use of FedTEDS

5305.201 General

• Add reference to see new IG content for ESC’s HERBB associated processes

5305.207 Preparation and Transmittal of Synopsis

• Add reference to see new IG for ASC-specific guidance on use of PIXS

5305.301 General

• Add reference to new IG for ESC-specific information

AFMCFARS 5306 –Competition Requirements

5306.303 Justifications

• AF adopted AFMC guide; AFMC eliminated AFMC Guide. Minor changes for AFMC included in a new AFMC Informational Guidance for IG5306

5306.304 Approval of the Justification

• Revised threshold $500K to $550K for earlier FAR inflationary changes

Deleted -- …, unless a higher approving level is established in agency procedures. (Now reads that the CO’s certification required by the FAR will serve as approval.)

• Add (e) – Requirement that contract ceiling of existing IDIQ shall be used when determining the approval level of a justification to extend the IDIQ contract ordering period

AFMCFARS 5307 –Acquisition Planning

5307.104 General Procedures

• Add – PK field activities acquisition personnel should engage local ACE / contracting personnel for assistance as required; added hyperlinks to ACE locations

5307.104-90 Acquisition Strategy Panels (ASPs)

• Add – (a) Refer / Link to Master Threshold Chart for ASP Chair (Added as IG/Summary AFFARS &AFMC)

• Add – (a)(3) Streamlined ASPs should include clear description of requirements, market research findings, forecast CLIN structure, contract type, plus any unique aspects

• Add -- (b)(1) HQ AFMC/A4A Requirements—AFMC senior level participation in ACAT I and non-delegated ACAT II ASPs and AFRBs.

5307.104-91 Air Force Procedures for LCMP/CAMP/IPS

• Add – (a) Refer / Link to Master Threshold Chart for Acquisition Approval Authorities (Added IG link)

• Add -- HQ AFMC/A4A – Requirements to review ACAT 1 & II Non-delegated LCMPs

5307.104-92 Air Force Procedures for Acquisition Plans

• Add – (d) For AFMC Other Contracting acquisitions refer/link to Master Threshold Chart Acquisition Strategy Approval Authorities (Added as IG/Summary AFFARS &AFMC)

• Add – (d)(2) Standardized Operational (Supplies & Services) AP Approval Levels (Other Contracting)

• Add – (d)(3) SBIRs and STTRs exempted from requirement for written APs (DoD-program plans/solicitations apply) for clarity/consistency with other stated AFFARS exemptions

• Add – (d)(5) AFMC Alternate AP procedures and approval thresholds for Non-Operational (Supplies & Services)/(Other Contracting)—Standardized all SCCO locations

• Revise (d)(5)(ii) for clarity

AFMCFARS 5308 – Required Sources of Supply/Services

5308.404 Using Schedules

• Add – (2) FSS is Non-DOD contract. For guidance on use refer to AFFARS 5317.78 link

• Add – ESC/CC unique/mandatory procedures—link to policy

• Add – (3) (a) Orders (direct and assisted) for services placed on FSS are subject MOASP

• Add – (3)(b) Orders (direct and assisted) for services requiring a SOW placed on a FSS are subject to Performance-based acquisition methods (FAR 37.6)

• Add – (3)(c) Orders for supplies and services placed on an FSS may involve a MIPR… Add MIPR references / hyperlinks – DFARS, AF MIPR Guide, MIPR Tool, OSD Memo, 16 Oct 2006, Non-Economy Act Orders.

5308.405-5 Small Business

• Add – reference/hyperlink to new AFMCFARS Clause 5352.219-9001, Use of Joint Ventures in Meeting the Limitations on Subcontracting Requirements

5308.405-6 Limited Sources Justification and Approval

• Add – FAR Part 8 Limited Source Justification Requirement when restricting consideration of schedule contractors. Added standardized template.

AFMCFARS 5309 – Contractor Qualifications

5309.106-4 Pre-Award Survey Reports

• Add – (90) A CO decision to override a negative pre-award survey is to be specifically in the Request for Clearance.

5309.2 Qualification Requirements

• Add – 5309.202(a)(1)(i)(90) Pursuant to AFMCI21-112, Repair of Aircraft Engine Critical Parts, repair qualification requirements or a QR waiver are/is mandatory for the contract repair of aircraft engine critical parts.

• Add - 5309.202(b)(90) For Other Contracting, the Head of Procuring Activity authority to approve a determination that it’s unreasonable to specify the standards for which prospective offeror (or its products) must satisfy and waive requirements of 9.202(a)(1) – (4) is delegable to a level no lower than the SCCO. Approved QR waivers must accompany the PR and be made part of the contract file.

5309.303 Use

• Add – (d)(90) See specific instructions in AFMCI 64-110, First Article Management, dtd 29 Apr 97, pg 4, para 2.2, Contracting Responsibilities

• Add – (d) The “Contractor Responsibility” Tab of the AFMC Contract File Content Checklist must include CO/Buyer documentation confirming that the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) was reviewed after bid opening or receipt of proposals, and prior to award to verify the contractor’s or prospective contractor’s are eligible for award.

5309.504-90 Contracting Officer Responsibilities

• Add ESC/CC’s mandatory OCI requirement/linked

• Add IG3309.504 for additional guidance

AFMCFARS 5310 – Market Research

5310 – Market Research

• Add – Statement referring Users to hyperlinked IG5310 for Market Research Guide and Report Template)

• Add – New Standardized Market Research Guide and Template

AFMCFARS 5312 – Acquisition of Commercial Items

5312.201 General

• Add Requirements for Commercial Item Determinations in support of DPAP Memo, 2 Mar 07, with CO approval (PK Director approved)

AFMCFARS 5313 – Simplified Acquisition Procedures


Add – leading statement that if competition exists, may use SF 1409, Abstract of Offers—see IG 5313.106-1(a)(2)(90) for additional guidance.

5313.106-2(b)(4)(ii) Evaluation Procedures

Add (4)(90)(i) and (ii) for replenishment spares < $100K – AFMC use of Red-Yellow-Green and WR-ALC designated as the AFMC test site for the Pilot for the RYG replacement system (PPIRS-SR)

5313.2 Actions at or Below the Micro-Purchase Threshold

• Add – 5313.201(h)(90) -- See AFI 64-117, AF Government-wide Purchase Card (GPC) Program (linked), for micro-purchase authority and implementation procedures.

AFMCFARS 5314 – Opening of Bids and Award of Contract

Add -- 5314.403 Recording of Bids and 5314.404-1 Cancellation of Invitation After Opening – Add leading statements to transition buyers/CO’s to the Informational Guidance for recommended how-to procedures

AFMCFARS 5315 – Contracting by Negotiation

Subpart 5315.1 – Source Selection Processes and Techniques

5315.101-2 (90)– LPTA SS Procedures

• Add statement to refer to LPTA sample language/guidance covering Sections L and M (hyper-linked)

5315.201 (90)– Exchanges with Industry before receipt of Proposals

Add statement to see IG5315.201 (hyper-linked) for guidance on use of DRFPs and responding to industry comments

5315.203-90(90)– Requests for Proposals

• Add references (hyper-links) to see Section L and Section M Guides and templates.

• Add statement to see Document Review Matrix in IG5315.203-90 when using other than PPT or LPTA procedures

5315.206 (90) – Amending the Solicitation

• Add instructions on updates to clauses and provisions after issuance of RFP. Updates to mandatory RFP clauses / provisions must be identified to all offerors that have submitted proposals.

5315.207 (a)(90) – Handling Proposals and information

• Add instructions for packages containing more than one proposal (i.e., stamping each envelop with time/date of delivery.

• Add instruction for what to do when proposal delivered to wrong office

5315.209(h)(90) – Solicitation provisions and contract clauses

• Add statement to see IG 5315.209(h)(90) for information on incorporation of contractor technical proposals

5315.303 Responsibilities

• Add to (a)(1) and (a)(2) -- further (specific) SSA delegations for all centers– AFRL, Product Centers, ALCs, Test Centers --Standardized

• Add to (a)(5) – SSAs, if redelegated in paragraph (a)(1) and (a)(2) above, shall be no lower than the CO

• Add (b)(2) – See AFMC Source Selection Guide (hyperlinked) for assistance in preparing SSPs

5315.303-90 Additional Responsibilities

• Add para (a) - statement on effectiveness and integrity of SS process requires control of information; ensure notice required by MP5315.3, para 4.5.2 receives wide distribution with AFMC organization conducting SS– examples provided

• Add para (b) – Attendance at SS briefings– added requirements (SSA/SSET/SSAC/Advisors plus those signing SS non-disclosure agreements). SSET Chair and CO responsible for enforcing limitations on attendance. Add statement see IG for SS Facility procedures.

5315.304 – Evaluation Factors and Subfactors

• Add for AFRL: See IG5315.304 (hyperlinked) for guidance in factors and subfactors in source selections for S&T

5315.308 – Source Selection Decision

• Add See AFMC Source Selection Decisions Document (SSDD) Guide (hyper-linked) for assistance in preparing the decision document

5315.505 / 506 – Preaward and Postaward Debriefing of Offerors

• Add See AFMC Source Selection Training, Debriefing Module (hyper-linked) fro debriefing guidance and a briefing template

5315.606 – Agency Procedures – Deleted AFFARS reference

5315.606.90 – AFMC Procedures

• Add each Centers POC to Unsolicited Proposal Guide (Atch 2); Add phone number for non-government personnel to request copy of the Guide

AFMCFARS 5315.4 – Contract Pricing

5315.402 – Pricing Policy

• Add (d)(90) - Prices proposed for options must be supported in the same manner and in the same detail as the prices for the basic contract

5315.403-1 Prohibition on Obtaining cost or Pricing Data (10 USC 2306a and 41 USC 254b)

• Add (c)(1)(ii)(B) – Approval authority required by FAR 15.4039(c)(1)(ii)(B) shall be the COCO.

• Add language to indicate the determination and approval may be included in the PCM or as a stand alone document.

• Add statement / hyperlink to the Truth in Negotiations Guide.

5315.404-2(a)(1)(90) – Field Pricing Support– Required Thresholds for Requesting Pricing Assistance

• Add -- Local Pricing Office assistance shall be requested for actions at the specified thresholds per Center – ADDED; pricing assistance and/or advice may be requested for actions below thresholds at the discretion of the Chief of Pricing or Chief of Policy if no pricing office

5315.404-2(b) – Request for Pricing Assistance

• Add (1)(90) -- pricing assistance thresholds / preparing a request for pricing.

• Add (2)(90) – minimum requirements/content for requesting waivers to pricing assistance above the required thresholds. Copies of the PNM / PCM are required at the time of award if a waiver was granted.

• Add (3)(90) – minimum requirements/contents for Requests for Pricing Support

5315.406-2 – Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data

• Add (c)(90) – When a contract submits additional cost or pricing data after the date of agreement on price, but before contract award (commonly referred to as a sweep), which is current as of the date of agreement on price, the contracting officer shall

      (i) Require the contractor to provide a price impact summary which separately reflects price increase/decrease impacts on the negotiated price;

      (ii) Allow only a downward price adjustment; a net zero adjustment may be considered when valid price increase offsets are present, and

      (iii) Require that the ‘as of’ date on the Cert be the date of agreement on price rather than the date the additional data was submitted

5315.406.3(a)(90) - Documenting the Negotiation – Deleted (guidelines for PNM / location of guide – covered in new para (b)

5314.406-3(b)(90) Documenting the Negotiation

• Add requirement for all actions with additions/deletions to have adequate pricing documentation– proposed, objective and negotiated positions. Refers readers to the AFMC PNM Guide (hyperlinked)

5315.407-1 – Defective Cost or Pricing Data

• Add new AFMC Defective Pricing Guide (hyper-linked address).

AFMCFARS 5316 – Types of Contracts

5316.203-4(d)(2)(90) Contract ClausesAdd instructions for EPA clauses

5316.401(d)(i) – (iii) Add requirements for award fee contracting

5316.404(a) Add requirements for Fixed Price award fee contracting

5316.405-2 Add requirements for Cost Plus award fee contracting

5316.501-2 (d) – (f) Add requirements for IDIQ contracts

5316.505-90(b)(1) - Add requirements for Fair Opportunity process

5316,703 Add Office of Responsibility Info for BOAs and added guidance hyperlinks


AFMCFARS 5317 – Special Contracting Methods

5317.201-1-90 Definitions – Adds definitions for Priced Options, NTE Options, TBN Options

5317.202Adds reference to see IG for additional guidance

5317.204-90(b)(i) – Contracts – Adds instructions for options with technical milestones

5317.207-90(i) – (l) – Exercise of Options – Adds instructions for Exercise of Options

5317.503(d)(1)-(4) – D&F Requirements – Adds Economy Acts D&F requirements

5317.7404-1(d) – (f)Adds approval authorities for UCAs

5317.7404-3(d)-(e) – Adds instructions for Definitization Schedules & refers to IG for added guidance

5317.7404-4 – Refers to IG for added guidance on limitations of obligations

5317.7505-90(b)-(c) – Limitations on Price Increases – Adds requirements for pricing of replenishment parts

5317.7590 Insuring Support with Contracting with an Unproven Source (Insurance Policy) – Adds new Insurance Policy Guide/hyperlinks

5317.78 Contracts or Delivery Orders Issued by a Non-DoD Agency – Adds 5317.7802-1 Directed and Assisted Acquisitions to include ESC’s Mandatory/Unique Procedures (hyperlinked) driven by ESC/CC Memo (linked)

AFMCFARS 5319 – Small Business Programs

5319.201(d)(10)(B) General Policy

• (90) Requirement for SB coordination on task/delivery orders (AFMC/PK Jul 06 memo)

• (91) Exceptions to accomplishing DD 2579 (fundings, options under existing contracts)

• (92) Requirement for addendum to DD 2579 for HUBZone & SDVOSB data (AF reqmt)

5319.508(e) AFMC Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

• Add -- Prescription for new clause concerning Limitation on Subcontracting (AFMC/PK Oct 06 memo)

5352 Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

• Add clause -- 5352.219.9001, Use of Joint Ventures in Meeting the Limitations on Subcontracting Requirements

AFMCFARS 5323 – Environment, Energy and Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Tech, Occupational Safety, and Drug-free Workplace

5323.703 Policy – Points to new IG document for use when resolving conflicts between green procurement and other mandatory programs

AFMCFARS 5327 – Patents, Data, and Copyrights

5327.9002 Foreign Disclosure Reviews – Add requirements & IG content

AFMCFARS 5331 – Contract Cost Principles & Procedures

5331.109(h)(4)(90) Advance Agreements – Pre-contract cost agreement requirements added; IG guidance added

AFMCFARS 5333 – Protests, Disputes and Appeals

5333.102-90 General – Adds Requirements for establishing center focal points, including roles & responsibilities

5333.103-90 Protests to the Agency – Adds requirements for processing/coordinating through management levels and sets the COCO as approval authority for proceeding with action despite protest

5333.104-90 Protests to GAO – For Other Contracting adds requirement that HQ AFMC/CC only has authority to override a stay of award or performance (non delegable). For PEO programs, this is HCA (PEO) (non-delegable).

AFMCFARS 5335 – Research and Development Contracting

5335.016 Broad Agency Announcements (BAA)

• Add 5335.016(b)(90) – to point to added AFRL BAA guidance to the IG.

5335.018-90 –Adds requirements for Acquisition for Experimental or Test Purposes (10 USC 2373)

AFMCFARS 5337 – Services Contracting

5337.102 Policy – Add reference/link to Government-Contractor Relationship Guide

5337.110-90 – AFMC solicitation provisions and contract clauses

• Add prescribing language for addition of 5352.237-9002, Contract Holidays clause/Section G

AFMCFARS 5339 – Acquisition of Information Technology

39.001-90 Applicability – Add requirements language to use AFWAY/ITCC for laptop/desktop buys; NETCENTS being mandatory source; IT bought with GSA complying with Proper Use of Non-DoD Contracts Policy (includes hyperlinks to source policies)

AFMCFARS 5343 – Contract Modifications

5343.103 Types of contract modifications – Add IG content (types / authorities for modifications)

5343.107-90 Notification of substantial impact on employment – Adds requirement to transmit through SCCO with copy to SCO

5343.204 Administration – Adds references to see new IG

AFMCFARS 5436 – Quality Assurance

5346.103 Contracting Officer Responsibilities – Add reference to the IG or standardized templates

5346.407 Nonconforming Supplies or Services – Add requirement for not extending delivery schedule without adequate consideration..

AFMCFARS 5347 - Transportation

5347.304-3 Shipments from CONUS for overseas delivery - Adds prescription for inserting new clause 5352.247-9020, First Destination Transportation (AFMC)(XXX 07), in solicitations and contracts where the first destination transportation for the deliverable items will be transported FOB origin.

AFMCFARS 5349 – Termination of Contracts

5349.100 Scope of Subpart

• Add Standardized ‘AS IS’ processs for the Centers for both terminations for convenience and default

• Add NEW Termination for Default Guide

• Add NEW Termination for Convenience Guide

AFMCFARS 5350 – Extraordinary Contractual Actions

• Administrative Change to correct/add what was inadvertently removed in Jun 2006 version

AFMCFARS 5352 – Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

• Revises 5352.215-9007, Use of Non-Government Advisors—adds para (c) for CO evaluation of objections of disclosure to make determination whether non-government advisors allowed to participate

• Add 5352.219-9001, Use of Joint Ventures in Meeting the Limitation on Subcontracting Requirement

• Add 5352.231-9000, Pre-Contract Cost Clause

• Add 5352.237-9002, Contract Holidays

• Add 5347-9020, FOB Origin, First Destination Transportation


• Deleted references to Contract Repair Guide (process incorporated in AFI); administrative changes