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    3.20.97       FARSite Forums FARSite Forums is designed to give you a look, feel, and voice throughout FARSite.  These forums will be used to provide direct input and feedback on FARSite Help issues along with other areas of interest in our software development and organization.  The forums will have a variety of subjects and directions.  The forums can and will be used by specific organizations to pass information.  Although you may not have modification rights to all forums you will be able to visit most of them.  For your first visit, please complete the one time registration process to allow your comments to be signed. NOTE: It is ALWAYS possible to leave anonymous comments, even after registering. All others, simply can LOG IN.    Please register now if you are a new user. 

    3.7..97        Load latest version of webserver software (Netscape's FastTrack v2.01) and loaded latest version of search engine software (OpenText's Livelink 7.1).    Completely reindexed every database against the new software.  We appreciate your patience. The system should be humming. 

    2.5..97       NEWER SEARCH CAPABILITY!!!!!   Streamlined and compact.     This new search allows you to view the search criteria 'hits' in context to the document and then go directly to the hit in the document via a link using the red ball hIT.    In addition, your results are now 50 at a time on one line versus four lines.      Although they remain alphabetized, they are easier to view in categories.  Follow these simple directions located at the top of the search pages for your convenience. 

    bULLETPower FARSearch bULLETSummary Search BulletReturn to FARSITE 
    nEW     1. Click [View Matches]      2. Verify context of words before and after your search criteria.    3. Click on the Red Ball Hit to go directly to the word in the document!   Look for the Left HIT Rightat the top of the page. 

    1.22.97    FY97 Certs and Reps are now available! 

    1.15.97   A new DATABASE was established to facilitate searches combining the FAR, DFARS, AFFARS, and AFMCFARS.   It is called FAR to AFMCFARS and will become the default database on the Simple FARSearch. 

    1.10.97    FAR, DFARS, AFMCFARS updated Check Currency Page 

    12.1.96    Virtual Tools now includes  DLACAGE Code Lookup      through Battle Creek Michigan 

      11.12.96    Upgraded our server software to latest release. This upgrade eliminates a nagging memory problem caused by searches not completely washed out of memory. Thank you for your patience. 

      11.11.96    CBD Announcements courtesy of the Air Force Business Opportunity Page are now available.   We are working on making them searchable. 

      10.10.96    Received the Air Combat Command (ACC) FAR Supplement in the Lab and pages built.  It is now available.   Special thanks to Jim Soderquist - Turn around on this one: 1 1/2 hours....Super job! 

      9.16.96    Calendar/Julian was replace by Virtual Tools.   This new page is designed to be a virtual desktop of sorts for the Acquisition Professional.   In addition to the Time, Date, and Julian Calendar we are providing a variety of special links to valuable virtual tools throughout the Internet.   These tools offer you a way to search for that illusive business number using Switchboard,  BigYellow, or the BigBook (yellow page sources). You can track down the number for individuals using another part of Switchboard or the Bigfoot (white page sources).    We are including virtual desk reference material in the form of Webster's and Research-It!....ALL just a click away.    As we find more resources, we will include them.   Obviously, if you would like to see others included, please drop us a line...Major Jeff Robles or James Sorderquist 

      9.12.96    Air Force Space Command Far Supplement is now available 

      9.6.96    DOE Far Supplement is now available 
                   A link to "The Electronics Forms Library" has been established on the FARSite homepage. 

      8.24.96    Simple/Power/Summary Search results redesigned! 
                    - Search word HIGHLIGHTED in the original document 
                    - Navigation arrows automatically embedded along the search word in the original document 
                    - Summary of results (hits) shows only the document title instead of longer summary 

                    NASA FAR Supplement-NFS89.20 added to FARSite with indexed databases 

                     FEDERAL REGISTER link added to FARSite 

                    Query help document offered on search page 

      8.21.96      FAR Updated to 90-40 AFMCFARs updated to 96-2  
                     - Archived FARS are now available. 

      8.13.96       FARSearch as been improved. You can now search by individual parts (FAR, AFFARS or by DAC, FAC Etc.) or by all. 

      6.17.96       We shutdown the former FAR On-Line system. We will no longer provide an electronic BBS call in system. The complete information will be available on FARSite from now on. 

      We monitored the usage and received no inquiries from one full month. It appears all have switched over to using the FARSite. Congratulations! 

      5.31.96      Our counter is now server generated instead of a link to another site. This will speed up loading of the pages. We will transport this counter to all pages as soon as possible.

      WE NOW HAVE FARSearch!!!! YOU CAN SEARCH THE ENTIRE FAR AND ALL RELATING DOCUMENTS FROM ONE PAGE. FARSearch INCLUDES THE ABILITY TO REFINE YOUR SEARCHES WITH A MORE POWERFUL SEARCH.   The 'farsite' database completely indexes the FAR document collection on FARSite. Our intention is to provide more databases with all the information currently found on FARSite.   Each specific FAR level will be broken out, DFARS and AFFARS for example.   We will also include an indexed database of the entire FARSite, to include one-stop searches of the MANUALs, Policy Letters, Appendixes, Administrator Guides, etc.


      Recompile the clause appendixes in the MADES II section.    Reformatting the files from mixed landscape and portrait to straight portrait. This should facilitate downloads and conversions. 


      Per your comments we added a CALENDAR to FARSite as well as the time of day (Mountain Time). This calendar will show the current month only. Other months at a glance are under development. 

      AFMCFARS has been converted in a new format which allows Indexing in the HTML document. This capability will allow easy movement within the entire document.

      AFMCFARS Table of Content is now fully HTML. 

      AFFARS has been converted in a new format which allows Indexing in the HTML document. This capability will allow easy movement within the entire document. Also a PDFPDFversion of AFFARS is now available
      AFFARS Table of Content is now fully HTML.
      Clause appendices are now downloadable from Download section.
      DFARS has been converted in a new format which allows Indexing in the HTML document. This capability will allow easy movement within the entire document.
      DFARS Table of Content is now fully HTML.
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page created and will be updated as required.
      Automatic HTML generation of documents tested against Word, WP, and Text.

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Last Update: 20 Jul 2015
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