DP (DAR) June 25, 1998

SUBJECT: Streamlined Reseerch end Development Contrecting

We have amended the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to replaceDFARS Subpart 235.70 in its entirety to implement streamlined solicitation and contracting procedures for research end development acquisitions. These procedures use a standard solicitation and contract format, and use the World Wide Web both to dieseminate the standard format and to publish the resulting solicitations.

The attached interim DFARS rule is effective immediately and will be included in a future Defense Acquisition Circular.


Interim rule, replacing DFARS Subpart 235.70 in its entirety.


235.7000 Scope.

This subpart prescribes streamlined procedures for acquiring research and development, using a standard solicitation and contract format and the capabilities of the World Wide Web.

235.7001 Definitions.

As used in this subpart--

(a) Research and development streamlined contract (RDSC) means-- (1) A contract that results from use of the research and development streamline solicitation; or

(2) Any other contract prepared in the standard format published at the RDSS/C website.

(b) Research and development streamlined solicitation (RDSS) means a solicitation issued in accordance with 235.7003.

(c) RDSS/C website means the site on the World Wide Web at ``http:/ /'' where research and development streamlined solicitation and contracting information is published.

235.7002 Applicability.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, consider using the procedures in this subpart for acquisitions that--

(1) Will result in the award of a cost-reimbursement contract; and

(2) Meet the criteria for research and development as defined in 235.001 and FAR 35.001.

(b) Do not use the procedures in this subpart for--

(1) Contracts to be performed outside the United States and Puerto Rico;

(2) Contracts denominated in other than U.S. dollars;

(3) Acquisitions using simplified acquisition procedures;

(4) Acquisition of engineering and manufacturing development, management support, or operational system development, as defined in 235.001; or

(5) Acquisition of laboratory supplies and equipment, base support services, or other services identified in paragraphs (a) through (h) of the definition of ``service contract'' at FAR 37.101.

(c) Regardless of whether the RDSS is used, the RDSC may be used for any acquisition that meets the criteria in paragraph (a) of this section.

235.7003 Research and development streamlined solicitation and contract.

235.7003-1 General.

The procedures and standard format are published at the RDSS/C website. The RDSS/C Managing Committee is responsible for updating the website.

235.7003-2 RDSS process.

(a) Synopisis. The Commerce Business Daily synopsis required by FAR 5.203 shall include--

(1) The information required by FAR 5.207; and

(2) Statements that--

(i) A paper solicitation will not be issued; and

(ii) The solicitation will be published at the RDSS/C website.

(b) Solicitation. (1) The solicitation--

(i) Shall be published in its entirety at the RDSS/C website;

(ii) Shall include the applicable version number of the RDSS standard format; and

(iii) Shall incorporate by reference the appropriate terms and conditions of the RDSS standard format.

(2) To encourage preparation of better cost proposals, consider allowing a delay between the due dates for technical and cost proposals.

(c) Amendments. Amendments shall be published at the RDSS/C website.

235.7003-3 Proposal evaluation and contract award.

(a) Evaluate proposals in accordance with the evaluation factors set forth in the RDSS.

(b) RDSC. (1) The RDSC shall include--

(i) Standard Form (SF) 33, Solicitation, Offer and Award, or SF 26, Award/Contract; and

(ii) Sections B through J of the RDSS or other solicitation, with applicable fill-in information inserted.

(2) When an RDSC is awarded to an educational or nonprofit institution--

(i) Remove provisions and clauses that do not apply to educational or nonprofit institutions; and

(ii) As necessary, insert appropriate replacement provisions and clauses.

235.7003-4 Additional provisions and clauses

Use of FAR and DFRAS provisions and clauses, and nonstandard provisions and clauses approved for agency use, that are not in the RDSS/C standard format, shall be approved in accordance with agency procedures.