SUBJECT: Interim Policy Letter (IPL) 96-015 9 May 96

EFFECTIVE DATE/IMPLEMENTATION: The AFMCFARS changes included in this letter are to be incorporated in solicitations issued on or after the date of this IPL. Incorporate these changes in solicitations issued prior to the date of this IPL if such incorporation will not delay award. This Interim Policy Letter will be superseded by an AFMCAC published at a later date. Ensure distribution to all Contracting Officers.

1. This IPL implements the following approved case:

a. Deletion of AFMCFARS 5307.103(C)(90), Market Surveys (Case 96-146). Deletion of this language on market surveys is necessary as it is inconsistent with recent changes in the FAR on the subject of market research. (Atch 1)

b. Addition of AFMCFARS 5307.105(b)(5)(91), Budgeting and Funding (Case 96-146). This subparagraph on full funding and incremental funding is reworded to clarify the meaning. Several AP writers and reviewers have complained that this subparagraph should be reworded to make more sense. (Atch 1)

2. If you have any questions, please call me or have your staff call my action officer, Ms. Chris Shockey,

HQ AFMC/PKPB, DSN 787-6757.



Deputy Director of Contracting


AFMCFAR Case 96-146




5307.103 Agency-head responsibilities. (c)(90) Deleted in its entirety.

5307.105 Contents of Written Acquisition Plans.

(b)(5) Budgeting and funding. (91) Include a statement whether full funding or incremental funding will be used and explain why.

Atch 1