Headquarter AFMC

Wright Patterson AFB OH 45433 5 Nov 03

Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)

1. All items in this AFMCAC are effective as of the date of publication unless otherwise specified in the item description. Each item in this AFMCAC shall remain in effect until specifically cancelled or incorporated by a subsequent AFMCAC or change to the AFMC FAR Supplement (AFMCFARS).

2. This AFMCAC implements AFMC FAR Council case 03-12, Approval of Change to AFMC Maintenance, Overhaul, and Modification Contracting. Therefore, the AFMCFARS is amended as specified below (all changes are highlighted in bold).

a. Item 1: AFMCFARS 5391.001, POLICY. Purpose/Explanation of Change(s): This change revises paragraph (a) to include new AFMC website address for the Contract Repair Process and deletes paragraph (b) in its entirety.

b. Item 2: AFMCFARS 5391.102, REQUIRED PROVISIONS/CLAUSES. Purpose/Explanation of Change(s): This change deletes paragraph (a) in its entirety and re-numbers paragraphs accordingly.

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OPR: HQ AFMC/PKPA (Major Kimberly L. Yoder)

PROPOSED CHANGES (Changes Highlighted and Underlined)


(AFMCAC 02-02, Nov 5, 2003)

5391.001 Policy.

When contracting for repair, overhaul or modifications of exchangeables, AFMC personnel will use the Contract Repair Process (CRP) found at It is AFMC policy to use performance-based repair contracts to the maximum extent possible.

5391.102 Required provisions/clauses.

(a) When the DFARS Clause 252.217-7028, Over and Above Work, is prescribed in solicitations and contracts, include the clause at 5352.291-9000, Additional Over and Above Work Procedures, in Section I.
If the contract contains both over and above work procedures and Government-furnished material, the contracting officer shall insert the clause at 5352.291-9001, Excess Inventory-Disposition of Government Property, in Section I.
When contractors performing maintenance, repair, overhaul, and modification on Air Force equipment in overseas locations are unable to obtain replacement parts through purchase in local markets, the contracting officer shall insert the clause at 5352.291-9003, Maintenance of Government-Owned Equipment in Possession of Overseas Contractors, in Section I. Use of this clause is required for Depot Maintenance Activity Group (DMAG) contracts containing a requirement for a GFM report (GFM reporting may be by either the manual report on AF Form 412, Report of Government Furnished Material, or the mechanized GFM Transaction Reporting System, G009).

(d) When the Statement of Objectives, SOW or purchase request require drop-in maintenance, use the clause at 5352.291-9004, Drop-In Maintenance, in Section I of aircraft PDM contracts. Establish an over and above line item to facilitate this work.
The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 5352.291-9005, End Items Beyond Economical Repair, in Section I when the contract calls for repair of exchangeable assets.
When appropriate to delay input of aircraft because output of aircraft is delayed, the contracting officer may insert the clause at 5352.291-9006, Delay of Aircraft Input, Section F.

(g) The contracting officer may insert the clause at 5352.291-9011, Induction at Risk, when Performance Based Delivery on Demand Contracts will be used.