Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)


24 June 2009

Summary of Changes


The following changes are a result of approval of AFMCFARS Case 09-02.

AFMCFARS 5301 – Federal Acquisition Regulations System

5301.603 Selection, appointment, and termination of appointment.

- The numbering system is changed to follow the guidance in FAR 1.105-2 and DFARS 201.303 for implemental numbering. Implemental numbering (not supplemental numbering) is used because the information in AFMCFARS 5301 can be integrated intelligibly with its FAR, DFARS, and AFFARS counterparts.

5301.603-1 General.

- Revised paragraph (a)(3) to add “in the sponsoring organization”.


5301.603-3 Appointment.

- Revised paragraph (b)(ii) as follows:

-- the board as a minimum shall include a member from the “staff judge advocate office, the activity’s clearance and program support office, and pricing office.”

-- If an activity does not have a dedicated pricing office, the pricing questions must be posed to the candidate by other members of the board.

-- The Chief of the Contracting Office (COCO) may serve on the board at the discretion of the warrant board chairperson.

-- Clarified additional board members including the discretion to include on the board a contracting officer from an organization other than the candidate’s.

- Revised paragraph (b)(ii)(A) to consistently use the term “Clearance and Program Support Division.”

- Revised paragraph (b)(ii)(B) to say the COCO, or the sponsoring Group PK, may be present during board proceeding even when the appointing authority has decided not to have the COCO on the board.

- Added paragraph (b)(v) to address presentation of warrants by the contacting officer appointing official.

- Deleted paragraph on appointment of contracting squadron commanders in the previous AFMCFARS 5301.603-1(91).

- Deleted all references to Lean Contracting 21.

The following is an administrative change:

IG AFMCFARS 5301 – Federal Acquisition Regulation System

IG5301.603-1(g) deleted the (g) from first line.