Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)


6 January 2010

Summary of Changes


The following changes are a result of a 28 Sep 09 HQ AFMC/PK Policy Memo 2009-PK-005, “Interim AFMCFARS Change, Contracting Authorities for Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)”. The policy memo is rescinded upon issuance of this AFMCAC 07-06.

Due to the Base Realignment and Closure of 311HSW, AFMCFARS requires revision to provide the appropriate flow of contracting authorities for AFCEE and incorporate designations and delegations of authority. Although AFCEE is a Field Operating Agency of the Air Force Civil Engineer and is not a direct report of AFMC, a 10 Sep 09 SAF/AQC memo “Head of Contracting Activity and General Contracting Authority Delegation to AFMC/PK for AFCEE/AC” named AFCEE/AC as a Senior Center Contracting Official (SCCO) equivalent and authorized HQ AFMC/PK to name AFCEE as a procuring activity in accordance with AFFARS 5306.501. Please see below AFMCFARS references for the changes:

• 5301.9001(b)(1) (Table).

• 5302.101

• 5306.304(a)(3) (Table); 5306.501

• 5307.104-90(b)(5); 5307.104-92(b); 5307.104-92(d)(5)(90)(ii) (Table)

• 5315.303(a)(2)(iv); 5315.303(a)(3)(90)(i) (Table)

• 5315.404-2-90(e) (Table)

• 5316.405-2(a)(i) (Table)

• 5337.503-90(b)(1); 5337.503-90(d) (Table); 5337.503-90(d)(90)

The following changes are a result of Special Order GA-27, 28 Sep 09, which inactivated HQ 311th HSW and redesignated the 311th Mission Support Group as 311th Air Base Group.

311 HSW references were revised to 311 ABG in the below AFMCFARS parts:

• 5301.603-3(b)(iv)(A)

• 5301.9001(b)(1) (Table)

• 5301.9001(g)(1) (Table)

• 5302.101

• 5306.501

• IG5305.207(b)

The following changes are a result of Special Order GA-22, 17 Aug 09, which reassigned HQ 38th Engineering Installation Group (EIG) from Air Force Materiel Command to Air Force Space Command. 38th EIG references were deleted from the below AFMCFARS parts:

• 5301.9001(g)(1) (Table)

• 5304.803-90(b)(i)

• 5306.501

• 5315.404-2-90(e) (Table)

Administrative change: In references to HQ AFMC/PKP, the office symbol has been changed to