Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)


25 January 2010

Summary of Changes


The following changes are a result of a 10 Dec 09 HQ AFMC/PK Policy Memo 2009-PK-008, “HQ AFMC/PK Policy on the Review, Coordination, Generation, and Redaction of Justification and Approvals (J&As)”. The policy memo is rescinded upon issuance of this AFMCAC 07-07.

AFMCFARS 5306 – Competition Requirements

• 5306.304 – Approval of the Justification:

Here is a summary of the additions to AFMCFARS 5306.304:

(a)(4)(90) Reference AFFARS MP5306.304; paragraph (a)(4). HQ AFMC/PK shall review and coordinate on all J&A’s that exceed $78.5M, except for PEO/DAO acquisition programs and PEO/DAO Special Access Programs. This review and coordination includes service actions within the AFPEO/CM portfolio.

(a)(4)(90)(i) For AFMC, non-PEO/DAO Special Access Programs (SAP) over $78.5M, the Contracting Officer shall submit the required documentation for HQ AFMC/PK coordination through the HQ AFMC/A5J PK Contracting Chief by secure means, not via the HQ AFMC/PK workflow account.

(a)(4)(90)(ii) This policy does not apply to Special Access Programs that HQ AFMC/A5J is not cleared to review. For these programs/situations, please contact SAF/AQLX for guidance on how the J&A’s for these programs shall be staffed.

AFMCFARS IG5306 – Competition Requirements

• Added a template of a Coordination and Approval Document for J&As over $78,500,000 and includes additional justification guidance.

Administrative change:

• AFMCFARS IG 5343 – Types of Contract Modifications & Modification Authority Table:

Deleted in table the GFP (Government Furnished Property) references to FAR 52.245-4 thru 7 that ceased to exist after the FAR Part 45 rewrite.