Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)


3 February 2010

Summary of Changes


The following changes are a result of SAF/AQCP Policy Memo 09-C-04, 4 Jan 2010, “Mandatory Procedures for Standardizing Contracting Officer Warranting”. All AFMC organizations shall immediately implement the procedures in the SAF/AQCP Policy Memo 09-C-04, 4 Jan 2010, and not wait until 1 Mar 2010. Since the SAF/AQCP Policy Memo 09-C-04 establishes a standard process for warranting Contracting Officers across the Air Force, all AFMCFARS coverage on the subject is being deleted.

The 1 Oct 09 HQ AFMC/PK Policy Memo 2009-PK-006, “Interim AFMCFARS Change – Contracting Officer Test Requirements, Unlimited Warrant Transfers and Reinstatements” is rescinded upon issuance of this AFMCAC 2007-08 and SAF/AQCP Policy Memo 09-C-04, 4 Jan 2010.

Here is a summary of the changes:

AFMCFARS 5301.603 Selection, appointment, and termination of appointment

Delete AFMCFARS 5301.603 in its entirety (AFMCFARS 5301.603-1 General and AFMCFARS 5301.603-3 Appointment)

Delete IG5301.603-1, CO Warrant Process – Future State Concept