Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)


10 February 2010

Summary of Changes


The following changes are a result of a 18 Dec 09 HQ AFMC/CA Memo, “Clarification of Expectations on Roles and Responsibilities for AFMC Services Acquisitions and Task/Delivery Order Notification Requirement”. The memo is rescinded upon issuance of this AFMCAC 07-09.

Added verbage from above memo to state that with the exception of Source Selection evaluation briefings/decision documents, it is essential that both senior Center leadership and the HQ AFMC Services Multifunctional Team review and coordinate on any document or briefing presented to AFMC Command or AFPEO/CM for approval. It also includes new requirement for notification of task/delivery orders equal to or greater than $100M issued on an AFMC services contract. AFMCFARS and IG parts affected are:




5316.505(a)(11) and (b)(1)


IG5316.505(a)(11) – added template for Notification of Task/Delivery Order Award >$100M for Services

The following changes are a result from establishment of Designated Acquisition Officials (DAOs). Revised references from “PEO” to “PEO/DAO” where applicable:



5307.104-92(d)(5)(90)(ii) Table

Administrative changes:

References to “AFPEO/F-22” were deleted from:

5306.304(a)(3) Table

5315.303(a)(2)(iii)(A) Table

5316.405-2(a)(ii) and Table

5337.503-90(c) Table

Requests for a copy of the AFMC Unsolicited Proposal Guide by non-governmental personnel:

5315.606-90 Revised for requests to be sent to AFMC/PK Workflow

Revised “PEO/CM” to “AFPEO/CM”:

5307.104-92(d)(5)(90)(ii) Table

Revised the “Non-Space AFMC Authorities and Delegations” Matrix:

The "Non-Space AFMC Authorities and Delegations" matrix has been updated to reflect the establishment of DAOs, clarify the applicability of PEO delegations to just AFPEO/AC, AFPEO/C2&CS, and AFPEO/WP, and add a disclaimer (in the header).

Corrected inconsistencies in dollar thresholds:

5307.104-90 (a) in the link to the Summary Chart for Acquisition Strategy Approval Authorities

5307.104-92(d)(5)(90) Table in AFGLSC, 526 ICBMSG, and AFCEE