Headquarters AFMC

Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433 24 Mar 00

Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Circular (AFMCAC)

1. All items in this AFMCAC are effective as of the date of publication unless otherwise specified in the item description. They shall remain in effect until specifically cancelled or incorporated by a subsequent edition of the AFMCFARS.

2. It implements AFMC FAR Council case 00-12, Review of Award Fee Determinations and corrects errors in AFMCAC 97-05. Therefore, the AFMCFARS is amended as specified below (all changes are marked on the change pages by revision marks):

a. Item 1. AFMCFARS 5253.216-9003, Award Fee, page 52-38, is amended to conform the clause based on Federal Acquisition Circular 97-15 which changed FAR 16.406(e) to state, "Expressly provide that the award amount and the award fee determination methodology are unilateral decisions made solely at the discretion of the Government." (AFMC FAR Council case 00-12)

b. Item 2. AFMCFARS 5352.215-9011, page 52-30, is eliminated. It should have been removed in AFMCAC 97-05 based on AFMCFARS case 99-07. The significant amount of deleted text caused the renumbering of the rest of part 5252 from page 52-30 forward.

c. Item 3. AFMCFARS 5353.290, page 53-2, is amended to eliminate AFMC forms 829 and 829a. They should have been removed from part 5253 in AFMCAC 97-05 based on AFMC FARS case 99-16.

No. of Printed Pages: 104

OPR: HQ AFMC/PKP (Kenneth J. Farr)

Distribution: F

HQ USAF/LG, Wash DC 20330-5000.............4

SAF/AQCP, Wash DC 20330-5000................ 3

HQ USAF/JAC, Wash DC 20330-5000...........1

HQ AFIA/IM, Kirtland AFB NM 87117-5670....1

AUL/LDEA, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-5564...... 1

3. Filing instructions:

Page Insert changes:

Remove: Insert:

52-i - 52-vi 52-i - 52-vi

52-29 - 52-128 52-29 - 52-124

53-1, 2 53-1, 2

-------------------------------5352.216-9003 Award Fee.

As prescribed in 5316.406(90), insert the following clause, substantially as written, in Section I:


(End of clause)

AFMCFARS 5352.215-9011 (reserved), page 52-30, is eliminated.

AFMCFARS 5353.290, page 53-2, is amended to eliminate AFMC forms 829 and 829a.