March 1, 1999


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DAR Tracking Number: 99-O0005


SUBJECT:Class Deviation~enera1 Services Administration (GSA) Utilization Screening for Department of Defense (DoD) Property; Standard Screening Periods

Effective immediately, all DoD contracting activities are authorized to deviate from the requirements of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 45.609-1(b), 45.60B-2(b) (2), and 45.608-2(b) (3) when conducting standard screening or contractor


In August 1995, G5A agreed to reduce the time for GSA standard screening from 60 to 36 days. Therefore, the screening periods in FAR 45.606-2(b) (2) and (3) are revised to read "31st through 5lst day" and "52nd through 66th day," respectively.

This class deviation is approved for a one-year period ending February 29, 2000, or until the FAR is revised, whichever event occurs first.

Eleanor R. Spector

Director, Defense Procurement

cc: DSMC, Ft. Belvoir