Change Notice 19990201 (2/1/1999) -The Director, Defense Procurement, has suspended use of price evaluation adjustments for small disadvantaged businesses prescribed in FAR Subpart 19.11.  A copy of DDP's memorandum directing the suspension is online here.
     DDP has also extended a class deviation directing military departments and defense agencies to deviate from the requirements in Table 45-1 at FAR 45.608-4 regarding limited screening of scrap items. A copy of the extension of this class deviation is online here.
     We have made editorial changes to the DFARS to correct the inadvertant deletion of prior changes from later revisions to the DFARS.  The affected files are: Subparts 219.7 and 226.70, sections 253.204 and 253.213, the DFARS Table of Contents, and the table of contents to Subpart 253.  (Note that, since we are merely reinstating changes that were inadvertently omitted, the revision date shown in each file is unchanged.)