DCN: 20050606

Final Rule :

Contractor Personnel Supporting a Force Deployed Outside the United States (DFARS Case 2003-D087)

The DFARS has been updated to incorporate the changes published in DFARS Change Notice 20050505 that became effective on June 6, 2005 . The changes address situations that require contractor personnel to deploy with, or otherwise provide support in the theater of operations to, U.S. military forces deployed outside the United States .

See DFARS Change Notice 20050505 for additional information related to these changes.

Affected subparts/sections: DFARS Table of Contents; 207.1; 212.3; Part 225 Table of Contents; 225.8; 225.74; Part 252 Table of Contents; 252.225; PGI 207.1; PGI 225.8; PGI 225.74