On December 12, 2012, DoD made the following changes to the PGI:

Contracting with the Canadian Commercial Corporation--Cost or Pricing Data (DFARS PGI 2012-P015)

Provides guidance and examples relating to the requirement for data other than certified cost or pricing data from the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

Line Item Content. (DFARS PGI 2012-P018)

Provides guidance regarding the content of contract line items.

Contractor Orders from the GSA Central Asia and South Caucasus Supply Catalog (DFARS PGI 2013-P001)

Provides guidance procedures for contractors authorized to order from the GSA Central Asia and South Caucasus Supply Catalog under DFARS Class Deviation 2013-O0001, Authorization for Contractors to Use Government Supply Sources in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Government-Furnished Property Attachments to Solicitations and Awards (DFARS PGI 2013-P004)

Enables the use of electronic formats when Government-furnished property is anticipated.

Add memorandum entitled, Theater Business Clearance/Contract Administration Delegation Update (DFARS PGI 2013-P005)

Adds a hyperlink at PGI 225.7401(a)(ii) to the Director, DPAP memorandum, dated July 27, 2012, reminding contracting officers to use the JCCS Platform’s TBC module to submit TBC requests for proposed contract efforts in designated TBC countries.

Administrative Changes to PGI:  Adds a link to the Procurement Data Standard at PGI 204.201(3); conforms numbering at PGI 209.406-3 to the FAR; removes outdated DFARS reference at 236.201 and adds correct reference to CPARS; corrects title at PGI 237.102-74; and updates example at PGI 243.204-71.