DEFENSE FAR SUPPLEMENT (DFARS) PGI Publication Notice 20171208

On December 8, 2017, DoD made the following changes to the DFARS PGI:

PGI Changes:

Contract Reporting Under FPDS Version 1.5 (DFARS PGI Case 2017-P006)

Amends DFARS PGI part 204 for consistency with the Federal Procurement Data System Version 1.5.

Affected PGI part/sections: PGI 204.6, 204.602, 204.604, 204.606, and 204.1670.

A Microsoft Word format document showing the DFARS PGI changes made is here.

PGI Administrative Updates

(Makes minor updates and corrections to the PGI sections listed below.)

1.  PGI 201.106:  updates the listing of OMB approvals under information collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act.

2.  PGI 202.101:  removes components that are no longer designated as DoD contracting activities and lists components in alphabetical order.

3.  PGI 208.7003-1:  reformats paragraph (b)(ii) and correct the address attention line for DLA Aviation.

4.  PGI 217.7701(5):  corrects “DFARS Subpart 217.74, Undefinitized Contractual Actions” to read “DFARS subpart 217.74, Undefinitized Contract Actions”.

5.  PGI 225.872-6(2):  Corrects a hyperlink.

6.  PGI 245.201-70(12):  corrects a title and add a hyperlink.

7.  PGI 247.573(b):  corrects several hyperlinks and make minor editorial changes.

A Microsoft Word format document showing the DFARS PGI changes made is here.

DFARS Administrative Updates

(Makes minor updates to the DFARS sections listed below; only the DFARS webpage is changed, since the eCFR is correct.)

1.  DFARS 213.106-2(b)(i)(A):  removes a hyperlink from a reference document, since the hyperlinked website is provided.

2.  DFARS 217.7404-3(b):  corrects a misspelled word.

3.  DFARS 231.205-18(c)(iii)(C)(1):  corrects a hyperlink.

4.  DFARS 237.7204:  Educational Service Agreements, Schedule Provisions, paragraph 5, corrects a misspelled word.

5.  DFARS 252.212-7002:  inserts “DFARS” in two places.

6.  DFARS 252.225-7018(b)(1):  corrects a dollar threshold.

7.  DFARS 252.242-7004(d)(8) and (9):  corrects cross references.

A Microsoft Word format document showing the DFARS changes made is here.