AFFARS PART 5306 - Competition Requirements

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PART 5306 -
Competition Requirements

[ Revised October 3, 2017 ]

(INTERIM CHANGE: See Policy Memo 18-C-08)


5306.202 Establishing or Maintaining Alternative Sources

(b)(1) The Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP) / Acquisition Plan (AP) / Acquisition Strategy approval authority is authorized to sign and approve the Determination and Findings (D&F) required by FAR 6.202(b)(1).


5306.302-1 Only One Responsible Source and No Other Supplies or Services Will Satisfy Agency Requirements

(a)(2)(i)(1) See MP5301.601(a)(i).

(d) See MP5301.601(a)(i).

5306.302-2 Unusual and Compelling Urgency

(c)(1) Contracting Officers must notify SAF/AQC and their MAJCOM/DRU/AFRCO SCO (or for AFLCMC and SMC, the SCCO) as soon as practicable when contemplating the use of this authority for a J&A requiring Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) approval.

(d)(1)(ii) The DAS(C) and the ADAS(C) are the authority to make this determination for the Air Force. This authority is not further delegated.

5306.302-4 International Agreement

(c) Limitations. The document referred to in DFARS 206.302-4(c) must be titled, “International Agreement Competitive Restrictions (IACR).” The authority to prepare an IACR is delegated from the HCA to the contracting officer (see MP5301.601(a)(i)). The contracting officer must include the IACR and a copy of the associated Letter of Offer and Acceptance, once completed, in the contract file.

5306.303-1 Requirements

(a) Solicitations for other than full and open competition must not be released until the justification has been approved, except as provided by FAR 6.302-2(c)(1).

5306.303-2 Content

(a) Use the Justification and Approval template for J&A content and suggested coordination and approval cover sheets.

5306.304 Approval of the Justification


Justification Value

Approval Authority


< $700K

Chief of the Contracting Office

Delegable to Contracting Officer, consistent with warrant level

> $700K < $13.5M

Procuring Activity
Competition Advocate

Not further delegable

> $13.5M < $93M

PEO / Head of Procuring Activity / Designated Alternate if they meet the criteria in FAR 6.304(a)(3). If they do not meet the criteria in FAR 6.304(a)(3) = Senior Procurement Executive

Delegable to Flag / General Officer or civilian SES

> $93M*

Senior Procurement Executive

Not further delegable

* Justification and approval (J&A) for actions exceeding $93M must be coordinated with the DAS(C) or the ADAS(C) and approved by the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE). The contracting officer must submit justifications requiring approval by the SPE simultaneously to SAF/AQ and to SAF/AQC after coordination by the MAJCOM/DRU/AFRCO SCO (or for AFLCMC and SMC, the SCCO). Allow 30 days for staffing and SPE approval after receipt by SAF/AQ. Include the approved acquisition strategy (or a draft acquisition strategy if the strategy document has not been approved) with the J&A package. If a J&A supports an indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity type contract, see AFFARS 5316.504(c)(1)(ii)(D) for processing instructions. The MAJCOM/DRU/AFRCO SCO (or for AFLCMC and SMC, the SCCO) may authorize solicitation release after the justification is reviewed for adequacy and forwarded to SAF/AQ and SAF/AQC. Submit questions or concerns regarding processing a J&A for SPE approval to SAF/AQC.

(e) Prior to contract award: After a J&A has been approved, but prior to contract award, if the dollar value of the contract is expected to exceed the original J&A approval authority, the contracting officer must submit an amended J&A to the appropriate approving official and obtain approval. Clearly identify the dollar increase from the approved J&A.

(f) After contract award: When a proposed contract action is for new work outside the scope of the original contract, the contracting officer must submit a new J&A as a stand-alone document to the appropriate approving authority based on the dollar value of the contract action for the new work. New work should not commence until the new J&A is approved unless authorized under FAR 6.302-2, Unusual and Compelling Urgency. See AFFARS 5343.102-90 regarding contract scope considerations.

(g) A new J&A is not required for:

(1) a decrease in the dollar value or scope of the effort; or

(2) an increase in the estimated dollar value of in-scope work, except as described in (e) above.


(INTERIM CHANGE: See Policy Memo 18-C-08)

5306.501 Requirement

The DAS(C) is the designated Air Force Competition Advocate General. The following organizations are designated as “procuring activities”:

These organizations are authorized to further designate subordinate organizations as “procuring activities” subject to the requirements of FAR 6.501 and MP5306.502, Air Force Competition and Commercial Advocacy Program.

5306.502 Duties and Responsibilities

See MP5306.502, Air Force Competition and Commercial Advocacy Program.

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