AFFARS PART 5318 - Emergency Acquisitions

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PART 5318 -
Emergency Acquisitions

[ Revised May 25, 2018 ]


5318.001 Definitions

A Contingency Contracting Officer (CCO) is a person with contracting authority to enter into, administer, and terminate contracts on behalf of the Government in support of a local contingency, steady-state deployments, or other contingency operations. The CCO also acts as the primary business advisor to the deployed/incident commander or the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) director.

5318.125 Protest to GAO

See MP5301.601(a)(i) and 5333.104.


5318.201 Contingency Operations

(b) Micro-purchase threshold. For delegation of HCA responsibility regarding micro-purchases of supplies or services to be used in support of a contingency operation, see MP5301.601(a)(i).

(c) Simplified acquisition threshold. For delegation of HCA responsibility regarding an increase in simplified acquisition threshold, see MP5301.601(a)(i).

(1) Selection, appointment, and termination of appointment. Requirements for the selection, appointment and termination of CCOs are described in 5301.603 and MP5301.603.

(S-90) For Air Force Contingency readiness policies, responsibilities, and implementing procedures, see AFI 64-105, Contingency Contracting Support.

(S-91) Assign and maintain DoD Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC) for deployed forces within the area of responsibility, as required (see DFARS 204.7003(a)(1)).

(2) See MP5301.601(a)((i).

5318.202 Defense or recovery from certain attacks.

See MP5301.601(a)(i).

5318.271 Head of Contracting Activity Determinations

See MP5301.601(a)(i).

(S-90) HQ AFICA is the HCA designee for AFCENT for all delegable HCA responsibilities (see MP5301.601(a)(i)).

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