MP5305.303 Announcement of Contract Awards

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Mandatory Procedure

Announcement of Contract Awards

[Revised January 27, 2017]

The following mandatory procedure is provided to buying offices for preparing 1279 Reports under DFARS 205.303 and Reports of Intent to Award multiyear contracts under 5317.170.

(a) The 1279 Report is used for Congressional notification and public announcement of contract awards and other transactions that exceed the DoD threshold. Contract announcements are posted at 1700 EST daily on Use the 1279 Report Format, tailored where appropriate, when preparing Reports of Intent to Award IAW 5317.170. It is important to note that the Notice of Intent to Award IAW 5317.170 does not satisfy the requirement for a 1279 Report. Prepare the 1279 Report, using control symbol DD-LA-(AR) and follow the instructions below.

(b) In determining whether a contract action exceeds the DoD threshold, refer only to the face value of the current action. Do not include unexercised options in this calculation. For undefinitized contract actions, report the not-to-exceed (NTE) amount. Later, if the definitized amount exceeds the NTE amount by more than the DoD threshold, report only the amount exceeding the NTE. Use the estimated amount of the contract to determine if awards for requirements, time and materials, labor hours, and similar contracts meet the DoD threshold for public announcement. For indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contracts, use the maximum amount of the ID/IQ contract, excluding unexercised options, if it exceeds the DoD threshold. If multiple awards are being made, and one award meets the threshold, announce all the awards. Do not report orders up to the estimated value, but after the estimated value of the ID/IQ contract is reached, report subsequent modifications and orders that have a face value of more than the DoD threshold. Do not report the same work twice.

(c) The 1279 Report must arrive by close of business three business days before the proposed release date, except in urgent situations, see paragraph (c)(2) below. Contracting officers should consider submitting the report earlier if possible. SAF/LLP may shorten the three-day advance notification requirement if requested by the contracting officer.

(3) Do not include classified information in the report.

(d) Submit reports in the following format:

(1) The SUBJECT line of the email should be formatted as follows:

Contract Award:


Contract Modification:

Examples of explanatory statements for description of scope of contract are as follows:


(7) Contracting Officer Name:

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