MP5317.770 Contracts or Delivery Orders Issued by a Non-DoD Agency

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Mandatory Procedure

MP5317.770 -
Contracts or Delivery Orders Issued by a Non-DoD Agency

[Revised June 3, 2016]

MP5317.770 Procedures

(a) Utilizing a non-DoD contract or the assistance of a non-DoD contracting organization to meet Air Force requirements is ultimately a business decision. However, interagency acquisitions may not be used to violate provisions of law, may not be used to circumvent conditions and limitations imposed on the use of funds (e.g., MIPRs may not be used to extend the period of availability of the cited funds), nor are they justified for use on the basis of a lack of advance planning by the requiring activity.

(b) AFI 65-118, Air Force Purchases Using Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR), establishes supporting Air Force contracting office review responsibilities for assisted acquisitions. Warranted contracting officers are required to review all MIPR packages for requirements exceeding $500,000 that will result in a contract action. Either warranted contracting officers or contract specialists will execute these responsibilities for MIPR packages below that threshold.

(c) In accordance with DFARS 217.770, when the amount of the order exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold, a Determination and Finding (D&F) is required. See AFI 65-118 for a sample Interagency Acquisition D&F; requesting and supplying activity determinations are signified by signing a support agreement (blocks 8 and 9 on DD Form 1144) and no further written D&F is required for agreements between DoD activities.

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