MP5319 Small Business Programs

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Mandatory Procedure

Small Business Programs

[2013 Edition]

Small Business Administration (SBA) Appeals to the Agency Head

When notified by the SBA that it has filed an appeal with the Agency Head, either for a small business set-aside or the 8(a) program, the contracting officer must prepare an appeal file. The file must contain a statement by the contracting officer, which sets forth the decision rationale and addresses the appeal issues on a point-by-point basis. The appeal file must include the following:

1. The contracting officer’s rationale for not considering known small business sources, small businesses identified through synopsis, and sources recommended by the Small Business Specialist and SBA;

2. Discuss results of market research or attach a market research report.

3. Include comments and/or concurrence from the Small Business Specialist;

4. The completed DD Form 2579 and SBA Form 70 and any related correspondence;

5. The procurement history;

6. A copy of the solicitation’s evaluation and award factors.

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