AFFARS MP Table of Contents

  1. MP5301.170(a) DoD Peer Reviews
  2. MP5301.4 Deviations from the FAR
  3. MP5301.601(a)(i) Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) Matrix
  4. MP5301.601-91 Air Force Contracting Compliance Inspection Program
  5. MP5301.602-2(d) Designation, Assignment, and Responsibilities of a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
  6. MP5301.602-3 Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments
  7. MP5301.603 Selection, Appointment, and Termination of Appointment of Contracting Officers
  8. MP5301.9001(b) Clearance – Multi-Functional Independent Review Teams
  9. MP5301.9001(f) Business Clearance Approval by the DAS(C) / ADAS(C)
  10. MP5303 Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest
  11. MP5305.303 Announcement of Contract Awards
  12. MP5306.502 - Air Force Competition and Commercial Advocacy Program
  13. MP5315.3 Source Selection
  14. MP5315.4 - Contract Pricing
  15. MP5315.407-90 Contract Audit Follow-up (CAFU)
  16. MP5315.407-91 Formula Pricing Agreements
  17. MP5315.606-90 Receipt, Evaluation, and Disposition of Unsolicited Proposals
  18. MP5316.504 Types of Contracts
  19. MP5317.5 Interagency Acquisitions under the Economy Act
  20. MP5317.74 Undefinitized Contract Actions
  21. MP5317.770 Contracts or Delivery Orders Issued by a Non-DoD Agency
  22. MP5319 Small Business Programs
  23. MP5325 Foreign Acquisitions
  24. MP5325.7002-2 Exceptions
  25. MP5325.7003-3 Exceptions
  26. MP5332.470 Advance Payment Pool
  27. MP5332.7 Contract Funding
  28. MP5333.104 Protests to GAO
  29. MP5342.902 Bankruptcy Procedures
  30. MP5346.103 Contracting Office Responsibilities
  31. MP5349 Termination of Contracts
  32. MP5350.103-5 Processing Cases