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DFARS PGI 217_74

(Revised March 25, 2016)


PGI 217.7404-1 Authorization.

PGI 217.7404-2 Price ceiling.

PGI 217.7404-3 Definitization schedule.

In order to meet the definitization dates, the contracting officer shall closely coordinate and monitor each UCA. Contracting officers should frequently communicate with the program office and requiring officials as appropriate to actively manage the definitization of UCAs. The contracting officer should alert the approval authority if, for any reason, the definitization schedule appears to be in jeopardy.

PGI 217.7404-6 Allowable profit.

To improve the documentation and provide guidance on determining the profit for UCAs with substantial incurred cost, contracting officers shall follow the mandatory instructions at DFARS 215.404-71-3(d)(2) regarding lowering contract type risk assessments for the incurred costs when performing weighted guidelines analysis. Additional guidance on

analyzing profit or fee (DAU continuous learning course(CLC) 104, Analyzing Profit or Fee) is provided at this website:

PGI 217.7405 Plans and reports.

Report shall be prepared using the following formats:

at this website:

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