FAR -- Part 41 Acquisition of Utility Services

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FAR -- Part 41
Acquisition of Utility Services

(FAC 2005-73)
(29 May 2014)

(FAC 2005-100)

(22 Aug 2018)

Subpart 41.1 -- General

41.100 - Scope of Part.

This part prescribes policies, procedures, and contract format for the acquisition of utility services. (See 41.102(b) for services that are excluded from this part.)

41.101 -- Definitions.

As used in this part,

“Areawide contract” means a contract entered into between the General Services Administration (GSA) and a utility service supplier to cover utility service needs of Federal agencies within the franchise territory of the supplier. Each areawide contract includes an “Authorization” form for requesting service, connection, disconnection, or change in service.

“Authorization” means the document executed by the ordering agency and the utility supplier to order service under an areawide contract.

“Connection charge” means all nonrecurring costs, whether refundable or nonrefundable, to be paid by the Government to the utility supplier for the required connecting facilities, which are installed, owned, operated, and maintained by the utility supplier (see Termination liability).

“Delegated agency” means an agency that has received a written delegation of authority from GSA to contract for utility services for periods not exceeding ten years (see 41.103(b)).

“Federal Power and Water Marketing Agency” means a Government entity that produces, manages, transports, controls, and sells electrical and water supply service to customers.

“Franchise territory” means a geographical area that a utility supplier has a right to serve based upon a franchise, a certificate of public convenience and necessity, or other legal means.

“Intervention” means action by GSA or a delegated agency to formally participate in a utility regulatory proceeding on behalf of all Federal executive agencies.

“Multiple service locations” means the various locations or delivery points in the utility supplier’s service area to which it provides service under a single contract.

“Rates” may include rate schedules, riders, rules, terms and conditions of service, and other tariff and service charges, e.g., facilities use charges.

“Separate contract” means a utility services contract (other than a GSA areawide contract, an Authorization under an areawide contract, or an interagency agreement), to cover the acquisition of utility services.

“Termination liability” means a contingent Government obligation to pay a utility supplier the unamortized portion of a connection charge and any other applicable nonrefundable service charge as defined in the contract in the event the Government terminates the contract before the cost of connection facilities has been recovered by the utility supplier (see “Connection charge”).

“Utility service” means a service such as furnishing electricity, natural or manufactured gas, water, sewerage, thermal energy, chilled water, steam, hot water, or high temperature hot water. The application of Part 41 to other services (e.g., rubbish removal, snow removal) may be appropriate when the acquisition is not subject to the 41 U.S.C. chapter 67, Service Contract Labor Standards (see 37.107).

41.102 -- Applicability.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, this part applies to the acquisition of utility services for the Government, including connection charges and termination liabilities.

(b) This part does not apply to --

41.103 -- Statutory and Delegated Authority.

(a) Statutory authority.

(b) Delegated authority. GSA has delegated its authority to enter into utility service contracts for periods not exceeding ten years to DoD and DoE, and for connection charges only to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Contracting pursuant to this delegated authority shall be consistent with the requirements of this part. Other agencies requiring utility service contracts for periods over one year, but not exceeding ten years, may request a delegation of authority from GSA at the address specified in 41.301(a). In keeping with its statutory authority, GSA will, as necessary, conduct reviews of delegated agencies’ acquisitions of utility services to ensure compliance with the terms of the delegation and applicable laws and regulations.

(c) Requests for delegations of contracting authority from GSA shall include a certification from the acquiring agency’s Senior Procurement Executive that the agency has --

Subpart 41.2 -- Acquiring Utility Services

41.201 -- Policy.

(a) Subject to paragraph (d) of this section, it is the policy of the Federal Government that agencies obtain required utility services from sources of supply which are most advantageous to the Government in terms of economy, efficiency, reliability, or service.

(b) Except for acquisitions at or below the simplified acquisition threshold, agencies shall acquire utility services by a bilateral written contract, which must include the clauses required by 41.501, regardless of whether rates or terms and conditions of service are fixed or adjusted by a regulatory body. Agencies may not use the utility supplier’s forms and clauses to avoid the inclusion of provisions and clauses required by 41.501 or by statute. (See 41.202(c) for procedures to be used when the supplier refuses to execute a written contract.)

(c) Specific operating and management details, such as procedures for internal agency contract assistance and review, delegations of authority, and approval thresholds, may be prescribed by an individual agency subject to compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.


(e) Prior to acquiring electric utility services on a competitive basis, the contracting officer shall determine, with the advice of legal counsel, by a market survey or any other appropriate means, e.g., consultation with the state agency responsible for regulating public utilities, that such competition would not be inconsistent with state law governing the provision of electric utility service, including state utility commission rulings and electric utility franchises or service territories established pursuant to state statute, state regulation, or state-approved territorial agreements. Proposals from alternative electric suppliers shall provide a representation that service can be provided in a manner consistent with section 8093 of Public Law 100-202 (see 41.201(d)).

41.202 -- Procedures.

(a) Prior to executing a utility service contract, the contracting officer shall comply with Parts 6 and 7 and subsections 41.201(d) and (e) of this part. In accordance with Parts 6 and 7, agencies shall conduct market surveys and perform acquisition planning in order to promote and provide for full and open competition provided that the contracting officer determines that any resultant contract would not be inconsistent with applicable state law governing the provision of electric utility services. If competition for an entire utility service is not available, the market survey may be used to determine the availability of competitive sources for certain portions of the requirement. The scope of the term “entire utility service” includes the provision of the utility service capacity, energy, water, sewage, transportation, standby or back-up service, transmission and/or distribution service, quality assurance, system reliability, system operation and maintenance, metering, and billing.

(b) In performing a market survey (see 7.101), the contracting officer shall consider, in addition to alternative competitive sources, use of the following:

(c) When a utility supplier refuses to execute a tendered contract as outlined in 41.201(b), the agency shall obtain a written definite and final refusal signed by a corporate officer or other responsible official of the supplier (or if unobtainable, document any unwritten refusal) and transmit this document, along with statements of the reasons for the refusal and the record of negotiations, to GSA at the address specified at 41.301(a). Unless urgent and compelling circumstances exist, the contracting officer shall notify GSA prior to acquiring utility services without executing a tendered contract. After such notification, the agency may proceed with the acquisition and pay for the utility service under the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 1501(a)(8) --

(d) When obtaining service without a bilateral written contract, the contracting officer shall establish a utility history file on each acquisition of utility service provided by a contractor. This utility history file shall contain, in addition to applicable documents in 4.803, the following information:

(e) If the Government obtains utility service pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section, the contracting officer shall, on an annual basis beginning from the date of final refusal, take action to execute a bilateral written contract. The contracting officer shall document the utility history file with the efforts made and the agency shall notify GSA, in writing, if the utility continues to refuse to execute a bilateral contract.

41.203 -- GSA Assistance.

(a) GSA will, upon request, provide technical and acquisition assistance, or will delegate its contracting authority for the furnishing of the services described in this part for any Federal agency, mixed-ownership Government corporation, the District of Columbia, the Senate, the House of Representatives, or the Architect of the Capitol and any activity under the Architect’s direction.

(b) Agencies, seeking assistance shall provide upon request by GSA the information listed in 41.301.

41.204 -- GSA Areawide Contracts.

(a) Purpose. GSA enters into areawide contracts (see 41.101) for use by Federal agencies. Areawide contracts provide a pre-established contractual vehicle for ordering utility services under the conditions in paragraph (c)(1) of this section.

(b) Features.

(c) Procedures for obtaining service.

(d) List of areawide contracts. A list of current GSA areawide contracts is available from the GSA office specified at 41.301(a). The list identifies the types of services and the geographic area served. A copy of the contract may also be obtained from this office.

(e) Notification. Agencies shall provide GSA at the address specified at 41.301(a) a copy of each SF 26 and executed Authorization issued under an areawide contract within 30 days after execution.

41.205 -- Separate Contracts.

(a) In the absence of an areawide contract or interagency agreement (see 41.206), agencies shall acquire utility services by separate contract subject to this part, and subject to agency contracting authority.

(b) If an agency enters into a separate contract, the contracting officer shall document the contract file with the following information:

(c) If requesting GSA assistance with a separate contract, the requesting agency shall furnish the technical and acquisition data specified in 41.205(b), 41.301, and such other data as GSA may deem necessary.

(d) A contract exceeding a 1-year period, but not exceeding ten years (except pursuant to 41.103), may be justified, and is usually required, where any of the following circumstances exist:

41.206 -- Interagency Agreements.

Agencies shall use interagency agreements (e.g., consolidated purchase, joint use, or cross-service agreements) when acquiring utility service or facilities from other Government agencies and shall comply with the policies and procedures at 17.502-2, The Economy Act.

Subpart 41.3 -- Requests for Assistance

41.301 -- Requirements.

(a) Requests for delegations of GSA contracting authority assistance with a proposed contract as provided in 41.203, and the submission of other information required by this part, shall be sent or submitted to the General Services Administration (GSA) region in which service is required. The names and locations of GSA regional offices are available from the:

(b) Requests for contracting assistance for utility services shall be sent not later than 120 days prior to the date new services are required to commence or an existing contract will expire. Requests for assistance shall contain the following information:

(c) For new utility service requirements, the agency shall furnish the information in paragraph (a) of this section and the following as applicable:

(d) For existing utility service, the agency shall furnish GSA the information in paragraph (b) of this section and the following, as applicable:

Subpart 41.4 -- Administration

41.401 -- Monthly and Annual Review.

Agencies shall review utility service invoices on a monthly basis and all utility accounts with annual values exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold on an annual basis. Annual reviews of accounts with annual values at or below the simplified acquisition threshold shall be conducted when deemed advantageous to the Government. The purpose of the monthly review is to ensure the accuracy of utility service invoices. The purpose of the annual review is to ensure that the utility supplier is furnishing the services to each facility under the utility’s most economical, applicable rate and to examine competitive markets for more advantageous service offerings. The annual review shall be based upon the facility’s usage, conditions and characteristics of service at each individual delivery point for the most recent 12 months. If a more advantageous rate is appropriate, the Federal agency shall request the supplier to make such rate change immediately.

41.402 -- Rate Changes and Regulatory Intervention.

(a) When a change is proposed to rates or terms and conditions of service to the Government, the agency shall promptly determine whether the proposed change is reasonable, justified, and not discriminatory.

(b) If a change is proposed to rates or terms and conditions of service that may be of interest to other Federal agencies, and intervention before a regulatory body is considered justified, the matter shall be referred to GSA. The agency may request from GSA a delegation of authority for the agency to intervene on behalf of the consumer interests of the Federal executive agencies (see 41.301).

(c) Pursuant to 52.241-7, Change in Rates or Terms and Conditions of Service for Regulated Services, if a regulatory body approves a rate change, any rate change shall be made a part of the contract by unilateral contract modification or otherwise documented in accordance with agency procedures. The approved applicable rate shall be effective on the date determined by the regulatory body and resulting rates and charges shall be paid promptly to avoid late payment provisions. Copies of the modification containing the approved rate change shall be sent to the agency’s paying office or office responsible for verifying billed amounts (see 41.401).

(d) If the utility supplier is not regulated and the rates, terms, and conditions of service are subject to negotiation pursuant to the clause at 52.241-8, Change in Rates or Terms and Conditions of Service for Unregulated Services, any rate change shall be made a part of the contract by contract modification, with copies sent to the agency’s paying office or office responsible for verifying billed amounts.

Subpart 41.5 -- Solicitation Provision and Contract Clauses

41.501 -- Solicitation Provision and Contract Clauses.

(a) Because the terms and conditions under which utility suppliers furnish service may vary from area to area, the differences may influence the terms and conditions appropriate to a particular utility’s contracting situation. To accommodate requirements that are peculiar to the contracting situation, this section prescribes provisions and clauses on a “substantially the same as” basis (see 52.101) which permits the contracting officer to prepare and utilize variations of the prescribed provision and clauses in accordance with agency procedures.

(b) The contracting officer shall insert in solicitations for utility services a provision substantially the same as the provision at 52.241-1, Electric Service Territory Compliance Representation, when proposals from alternative electric suppliers are sought.

(c) The contracting officer shall insert in solicitations and contracts for utility services clauses substantially the same as the clauses at --

(d) The contracting officer shall insert clauses substantially the same as the clauses listed below in solicitations and contracts under the prescribed conditions --

(e) Depending on the conditions that are appropriate for each acquisition, the contracting officer shall also insert in solicitations and contracts for utility services the provisions and clauses prescribed elsewhere in the FAR.

Subpart 41.6 -- Forms

41.601 -- Utility Services Forms.

(a) If acquiring utility services under other than an areawide contract, a purchase order or an interagency agreement, the Standard Form (SF) 33, Solicitation, Offer and Award; SF 26, Award/Contract; or SF 1447, Solicitation/Contract, shall be used.

(b) The contracting officer shall incorporate the applicable rate schedule in each contract, purchase order or modification.

Subpart 41.7 -- Formats

41.701 -- Formats for Utility Service Specifications.

(a) The following specification formats for use in acquiring utility services are available from the address specified at 41.301(a) and may be used and modified at the agency’s discretion:

(b) Contracting officers may modify the specification format referenced in paragraph (a) of this section and attach technical items, details on Government ownership of equipment and real property and maintenance or repair obligations, maps or drawings of delivery points, and other information deemed necessary to fully define the service conditions.

(c) The specifications and attachments (see paragraph (b) of this section) shall be inserted in Section C of the utility service solicitation and contract.

41.702 -- Formats for Annual Utility Service Review.

(a) Formats for use in conducting annual reviews of the following utility services are available from the address specified at 41.301(a) and may be used at the agency’s discretion:

(b) Contracting officers may modify the annual utility service review format as necessary to fully cover the service used.

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