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(Revised December 6, 2017

Subpart 5104.1Contract Execution

5104.103 Contract clause.

Contracting officers will insert FAR clause 52.204-1, Approval of Contract, in solicitations and contracts when an agency official other than the contracting officer is the approval authority. Subpart 5104.2Contract Distribution 5104.201 Procedures.

In addition to DFARS 204.201 requirements for bilateral contracts, contracting officers shall distribute a copy or reproduction of the contract form showing the contractor’s signature. The copy or reproduction shall be in the “portable document format” (.pdf) for distribution via electronic mail (email) or other electronic means.

5104.202 Agency distribution requirements.

Distribute a copy of contracts for utility services and communications to:

General Services Administration/Public Buildings Service

Office of Procurement, Public Utilities Service Division (PPU)

Room 7322, GSA Building 18th & F Streets NW Washington DC 20405.

Subpart 5104.4 – Safeguarding Classified Information Within Industry

5104.403 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

(1) In accordance with DFARS PGI 204.403(1), the contracting officer will include a DoD Form DD 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification in solicitations as appropriate and obtain the security manager’s signature (see Army Regulation 380-5, Department of the Army Information Security Program) as the certifying official on the form.

Subpart 5104.5 – Electronic Commerce in Contracting

5104.502 Policy.

(b)(4) Electronic commerce in contracting is satisfied if the reverse auction application posts the synopsis (or combined synopsis-solicitation) to FedBizOpps.

Subpart 5104.8 – Government Contract Files

5104.802 Contract files.

(f) Contracting officers shall ensure that the Paperless Contract File (PCF) contains all appropriate contract documents or references the location of the document if the actual document is maintained in an official system of record other than PCF (Electronic Document Access (EDA), Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), or Contracting Officer’s Representative Tool (CORT) only).

5104.803 Contents of Contract Files.

(a)(24) Legal reviews in accordance with 5101.602-2-90(c) shall be done in writing and documented in the contract file.

5104.804-5 Procedures for closing out contract files.

(a)(12) When the contractor submits an adequate final indirect cost rate proposal in accordance with FAR 42.705-1(b)(1)(iii), the contracting officer must obtain a Defense Contract Audit Agency audit report or document the file with a memorandum that deems the proposal to be lowrisk and not subject to further audit before closing out the contract file.

Subpart 5104.70Uniform Procurement Instrument Identification Numbers 5104.7000 Scope.

(a) Army contracting activities shall follow the DFARS procedures for numbering all solicitations, contracts and related instruments.

5104.7003 Basic PII number.

(a) Elements of a number.

(3) Position 9.

(xxvi) Use “Z” for Army Contracting Command contracts with Government-

owned contractor-operated plants.

Subpart 5104.71 Uniform Contract Line Item Numbering System

5104.7103-90 Contract line items for internal use software (IUS).

(a) Definition. As used in this section, the following terms have the same meaning as given in the Implementation Guide for Internal Use Software located on the Procurement.Army.Mil Knowledge Management Portal at

(1) internal use software

(2) valuation

(3) capitalized

(4) expensed

(b) Procedures. When procuring internal use software, Army contracting activities shall—

(1) Confirm that the requiring activity has established separately identifiable line items for all capitalized and expensed requirements in the purchase request;

(2) Ensure the line item structure aligns with the lines of accounting related to the capitalized and expensed classifications assigned by the requiring activity; and

(3) Include appropriate invoicing instructions and acceptance criteria in the solicitation and contract or order.

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