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Subpart 5145.1 – General

5145.102 Policy.

(4) Government-furnished property identification.

(ii)(B) The head of the contracting activity, with authority to delegate only to the principal assistant responsible for contracting, has the authority to determine exceptions to the item unique identification requirement to tag, mark and label items used to support a contingency operation, or to facilitate defense against or recovery from nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological attack.

5145.190 Leasing personal property.

See Army Regulation 700-131.

Subpart 5145.3 – Authorizing the Use and Rental of Government Property

5145.390 Documentation of Government property in contracts.

Contracting officers must ensure that changes to Government property made over time are reflected by modifications to the contract.

Subpart 5145.5 – Support Government Property Administration

5145.570-90 Storage at the Government’s expense.

The approval authority for determinations that contractor inventory may be stored at the Government’s expense for one year or more must be one level higher than the contracting officer.

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