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AFARS Appendix CC

AFARS – Appendix CC

Army Procurement Management Review Program

October 1, 2014

Part 1 – Introduction

CC-100 Purpose.

This Appendix prescribes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the Department of the Army (DA) Procurement Management Review (PMR) Program.

CC-101 Mission and Objectives.

The Department of the Army, through the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement), shall establish, execute, and provide oversight of a tiered PMR program reviewing each contracting activity every three years in order to –

CC-102 Applicability.

This Appendix applies to all elements of the Army that exercise contracting authority emanating from the Army Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) regardless of funding source, type of commodity, or service.

Part 2 – PMR Policy and Philosophy

CC-200 Policy.

The DA, at every level of management, shall review, assess, analyze, and improve contracting operations and management for effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with acquisition policies and regulations.

CC-201 Philosophy.

The PMR Program effects change through continuous improvement and verifies compliance with acquisition policies and regulations. The PMR Program provides an interactive framework emphasizing communication, assessment, and assistance throughout the Army. Data collection, analysis, identification of best practices, and other information allow the assessment of the state of Army contracting operations, organization and management, and provide a forum for solution and development of issues.

Part 3 – Responsibilities

CC-301 Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) (ASA(ALT)).

The ASA(ALT) is the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) and the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) and is responsible for all procurement and contracting functions across the Army to include providing oversight of contracting functions through an enterprise-wide Procurement Management Review Program.

CC-302 Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Procurement (DASA(P)).

The DASA(P) is the DA proponent for the PMR Program supporting the Senior Procurement Executive to provide oversight and evaluation of Army contracting.

CC-303 Directorate of Review and Oversight, Office of the DASA(P).

The Review and Oversight Directorate is responsible for the effective administration and conduct of the PMR Program. To this end, the Directorate will –

CC-304 Heads of Contracting Activities.

HCAs shall –

Part 4 – Procedures

CC-400 Scheduling.

At a minimum heads of contracting activities or their principal assistant responsible for contracting will conduct PMRs on contracting activities, to include subordinate contracting offices, regardless of the level, at least once every 36 months and provide the schedule of reviews no later than 31 August of the preceding fiscal year to the Review and Oversight Directorate. DASA(P) may grant, in writing, an extension to four years on a one-time basis when circumstances are justified. Additionally, the DASA(P) may require, in writing, more frequent reviews of contracting activities as deemed necessary.

CC-401 Types of Procurement Management Reviews.

The PMR is a tiered program that includes the following:

CC-402 Approach of Procurement Management Reviews.

CC-403 Preparation for Procurement Management Reviews.

ODASA(P) will notify procurement organizations, if reasonable, 30 days before planned PMR visits. The activity shall provide the following in advance: metrics, specified statistics, lists of contracts, orientation data (such as vision and mission statements and standard operating procedures), logistical support, and copies of previous review reports and previous corrective action plans. Additionally, the activity may request additional areas of emphasis and assistance during the PMR.

CC-404 Results of Procurement Management Reviews.

CC-405 Annual Summary Health Report.

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