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PART 433



433.102 General.

(a) The Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) is responsible for coordinating the handling of bid protests lodged with the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

(b) The head of the contracting activity (HCA), on a non-delegable basis, may resolve protests and authorize reimbursement of costs in accordance with FAR 33.102(b).

433.103 Protests to the agency.

(a) Actual or prospective bidders or offerors may file protests either with the HCA, as provided by 433.102(b), or with the contracting officer. Protesters who file protests with the HCA shall furnish a complete copy to the contracting officer no later than 1 day after the protest is filed with the HCA.

(b) When a protest is received, the adjudicating official shall take prompt action towards resolution and notify the protester in writing of the action taken. The written final decision shall include a paragraph substantially as follows:

This decision shall be final and conclusive unless a further written notice of protest is filed with the Government Accountability Office in accordance with 4 CFR Part 21. Neither the filing of a

protest with USDA nor the filing of a protest with the Government Accountability Office affects your right to file an action in a district court of the United States or the United States Court of Federal Claims.

433.104 [Reserved]


433.203 Applicability.

The Assistant Secretary for Administration is authorized to determine the applicability of the Contract Disputes Act to contracts with foreign governments pursuant to FAR 33.203.

433.203-70 Agriculture Board of Contract Appeals.

The organization, jurisdiction, and functions of the Agriculture Board of Contract Appeals, together with its Rules of Procedure, are set out in 7 CFR, Part


433.209 Suspected fraudulent claims.

The contracting officer shall refer all matters related to suspected fraudulent claims by a contractor under the conditions in FAR 33.209 to the Office of Inspector General for additional action or investigation.

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