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USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR)


USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Mandatory Reference to ADS 302 - Direct Contracting. This version of the AIDAR is effective March 16, 2015 and incorporates changes published on December 16, 2014 under 79 FR 74985.

This document is not the official legal edition of the AIDAR. It is a courtesy copy that allows users to easily access links and conduct searches within the document. The Office of the Federal Register maintains the official version of the document, AIDAR (Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 7).

Links to internal Agency policy directives (such as Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives, or AAPDs, and Contract Information Bulletins, or CIBs) are embedded as appropriate when the policy directive affects the text of the AIDAR. Note: AAPDs that are no longer in effect as a result of December 2014 revision are no longer linked in the AIDAR

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