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4.101 Contracting officer's signature.

(S-90) Original signatures or electronic signatures which utilize PKI certificates are considered binding and legal.

(S-91) Automatic telecommunications contract/order modifications that account for usage charges marked with IDEAS Generated Auto-Modification signature blocks are considered binding and legal.

4.102 Contractor’s signature.

(S-90) All negotiated contract awards, both sole source and competitive, shall include the contractor’s signature on the award form.

4.103 Contract clause.

(S-90) Insert the clause at 52.204-9000 in all solicitations and contracts that include DFARS clause 252.232-7006, Wide Area Workflow Payment Instructions, and any other solicitations and contracts as deemed appropriate by the Contracting Officer. Point of contact information for the Contracting Office Representative (COR) shall not be filled in prior to contract award.


4.403 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

(c)(1) Instructions for filling out DD Forms 254 are provided in the DISA Acquisition Deskbook entitled “Industrial Security Program & DD Form 254, Contract Security Classification Specification, Implementation Guide.”

(S-90) RFPs/RFQs shall not be released without an approved/signed DD Form 254 from MPS6. The HCO can waive this requirement.

(S-91) After the source selection recommendation has been made and the contracting officer intends to move forward with processing the award documentation, the contracting officer shall provide the PMO with the successful offeror’s DD Form 254, which includes the contract/order number. The DD254 and PWS/SOO/SOW will be reviewed by the mission partner Security Manager and sent to MP6 Industrial Security for review/approval. The mission partner Security Manager will forward the approved DDS254 to PSD. MPS6 requires 5 business days to review a DD Form 254.


4.502 Policy

(d) Electronic signatures are created using an individual's PKI certificate or signed scanned documents. If the document that needs signing is not PKI enabled, then it is recommended to utilize software such as AdobePro to sign the document. If a document is signed by hand, recommend using blue ink. The documents should be scanned into .pdf format to file in EDMS.


204.604 Responsibilities.

(S-90) The Contract Action Report (CAR) will be completed and executed at time of award or modification issuance unless FPDS system issues prevent execution. At no time, should the inability to execute a CAR prevent a timely award or modification issuance. In these events, the CAR should be executed as soon as possible within three business days.

(S-91) For telecommunication contracts/orders an automatic CAR may be used for recurring price changes associated with usage for contracts/orders in the Integrated Defense Enterprise Acquisition System (IDEAS). IDEAS will create an automatic CAR to report the obligation in the FPDS-NG reporting system after the automatic modification is awarded. Monthly CARs based on each modification will be reported to FPDS-NG automatically against the individual contracts/orders. Each automatic CAR will increase the obligation and the lifecycle cost of the contract/order each month that usage is recorded.

204.606 Reporting Data.

(S-90) Treasury Account Symbols (TAS).

(1) If there is more than one Line of Accounting (LOA) associated with a single contract action, report the TAS that represents the predominant portion of the funds obligated or deobligated on the contract action. The TAS can be obtained for the customer’s LOA provided on their MIPR, DISA Form 1, AF Form 9, or interagency agreement. For acquisitions based on a TSR/TSO and supported by a Program Designator Code (PDC), the TAS can be obtained by accessing the Telecommunications Inventory and Billing Information (TIBI) application and reviewing the customer’s LOA associated with the PDC. Directions for accessing TIBI and locating the customer’s LOA are available at: The TAS for all “Y” PDCs is 97 (Agency Identifier) 4930 (Main Account code) 000 (Subaccount code).

(2) Additional information regarding the TAS is available in the Frequently Asked Questions attachment to the DPAP policy memorandum, 28 Oct 2010, “Update to Deployment of Subcontract Reporting Requirements for the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act,” and the US Treasury “FAST Book”


204.802 Contract files.

(S-90) The contracting officer shall use the contract file checklist applicable to their procurement and file the completed contract file checklist and any required supporting documents in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) contract file. Contract Specialists using the Procurement Administrative Leadtime (PALT) Tracking Application (PTA) shall export the contract checklists out of the PTA and file the checklist into EDMS in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure for the PTA. The required checklists for procurements accomplished in accordance with FAR Part 8.4/Federal Supply Schedules and FAR Part 16.5/Indefinite Delivery Contracts, FAR Part 12/Acquisition of Commercial Items, FAR Part 13/Simplified Acquisition Procedures, FAR Part 15/Contracting by Negotiation, IDIQ CSA Orders, and Inquiry/Quote/Order (IQO) Contracts are incorporated into the PTA. If the Contracting Officer is not using the PTA checklist, the contract file checklists for the procurement types previously mentioned and modifications located at shall be used. A new contract file checklist is required for the start of each new procurement action.

(S-91) When using the Integrated Defense Enterprise Acquisition System (IDEAS), the system is the checklist and leads the user through the process by issuing various tasks when required. Therefore, (S-90) is not applicable when using IDEAS.

204.804 Closeout of contract files.

(S-90) Responsibilities

(1) Contract Closeout Team is responsible for the financial portion of the closeout process, (e.g final payment, modification deobligations, reporting to RMC).

(2) Procuring/Administrative contracting officer is responsible for all other contract administration issues (e.g. property, CORs, terminations, data rights).

(S-91) The contract closeout process shall beginning upon contract expiration date.


204.7103-2 Numbering procedures.

(S-90) Contract line items for the base period are to be numbered 000x.

(S-91) Contract line items for the option periods are to be numbered sequentially: 100x for the first option year line items, 200x for the second option year line items, 300x for the third option year line items, 400x for the fourth option year line items, etc.

(S-92) Line Item structure shall be accomplished in accordance with this DFARS subpart. As stated in the DPAP memo, Line Item Structure dated Nov 14, 2014, “line item quantity and unit of measure must match the actual deliveries that are required of the contractor”. 1 LOT or 1 EA shall not be used if there are multiple items/systems required to be delivered by the contractor. Each item/system shall be identified individually on a separate Contract Line Item with the appropriate quantity and unit of measure for the item/system. For further guidance, see DFARS PGI 204.7103 and 7105.

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