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205.303 Announcement of contract awards.

(S-90) For contract actions awarded by a DISA contracting officer, regardless of the mission partner, the contracting officer shall prepare a Congressional and Press Notification when the face value of a contractual action exceeds $7M.

(S-91) For contract actions awarded by another agency but managed/funded by DISA, the Program Manager (PM) shall prepare a Press Notification when the face value of a contractual action exceeds $7M.

(S-92) Required format for a “Notification”.




(Insert name of the contractor and address (city, state)) was awarded a (insert competitive or non-competitive contract type(s) – e.g., single award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, multiple award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, letter, firm fixed price, cost plus award fee, not-to-exceed, etc., if new award) (insert type of contract action i.e., contract or contract modification, etc.) for (insert description of the acquisition or modification). (If appropriate, insert indication if any of the buy was for foreign military sales (FMS) and identify the FMS customer). The face value of this action is (insert $ amount) funded by (insert FY of funds and type of appropriation). (If appropriate, indicate if the contract is multiyear (see FAR 17.1)). The total cumulative face value of the contract is (insert $ amount). Performance will be at (identify place(s) of performance). Proposals were solicited via the (indicate where the solicitation was posted), and (indicate number of proposals received) proposals were received from (indicate number of proposals solicited) proposals solicited. The period of performance is (insert performance period and identify base period and number of options and option periods if options apply). The Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, (insert field office location – e.g., Scott AFB, Illinois, National Capital Region, etc.) is the contracting activity. (If appropriate, insert if the Contracting Office Point of Contact has any known congressional interest). The Contracting Point of Contact is (insert name and commercial telephone number). (In parentheses, insert contract number and contract modification number, if applicable).


(2) When an updated congressional notice is required (e.g. due to the change in the period of performance), include the pertinent information that changed from the original notice to the updated notice. Explicitly describe the contract action / modification and state what information was revised (e.g. ‘The revised period of performance is...’). When an update is required, the original notification and the update should be sent to DISA Public Affairs in accordance with 205.303(S-94)(1).

(S-93) PMs shall use the same format as above for “Notifications” except that the title of the document should be changed to “Press Notification,” the contracting activity name should be changed to properly reflect the non-DISA contracting activity and the contracting point of contact should be changed to reflect the DISA PM point of contact information.

(S-94) Procedures.

(1) The contracting officer must prepare and submit the Notification via email to the respective CoCO. The CoCO must review and approve all Notifications prior to email submission to the DISA Public Affairs, DISA General Counsel (GC), and the HCA. The CoCO will submit the Notification (in accordance with the format at DARS 5.303(S-92)) via email concurrently to

the DISA Public Affairs (Outlook email address: DISA Ft Meade BD Mailbox Public Affairs) and DISA GC (Outlook email address: DISA Scott AFB DITCO Mailbox Legal Office or DISA Ft Meade GC Mailbox Acquisition Law Team). The CoCO will also provide a courtesy copy to the HCO and HCA via email. Submissions must be made in sufficient time so that the DISA Public Affairs, DISA GC, and HCA receive it at least three business days before the award date provided in the Notification.

(2) For actions funded by DISA but awarded by another agency, the PM must prepare and submit the Press Notification via email to the external contracting officer (for the contract file) and to the DISA PAO (for their coordination with the appropriate external agency's contracting organization's PAO to OSD PA for DoD announcement). The PM shall also forward the PM Notification to the DISA Director (D) or Vice Director (DV) via email. The D or DV may elect to notify the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer.

(3) To preclude the inadvertent release of the Notification prior to the actual award date and to ensure Agency compliance with the FAR 5.303(a) requirement to make the public announcement by 5:00 p.m. Washington, DC time on the day of award, contracting officers must execute contract award on the date provided in the Notification.

(4) The DISA PAO shall notify the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) and DISA GC shall notify Congress. The DISA GC shall coordinate notifications of contractual actions with DISA Congressional Affairs before release to Congress to the extent possible.


5.401 General.

(S-90) Communication of Acquisition Strategy Information to Industry.

(1) For acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle exceeding $50M, when a Sources Sought (SS) Announcement or Request for Information (RFI) has posted to FedBizOpps (FBO), the contracting officer shall update the FBO announcement to identify the acquisition strategy once market research has been completed and the strategy has been approved. Similar notifications are encouraged, but not required, for acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle below $50M.

(2) At a minimum, the update should include the following information:

(i) Contract vehicle (e.g., Federal Supply Schedule, Government-wide Acquisition Contract, Multiple-Award Contract, or Blanket Purchase Agreement) that will be leveraged to solicit the acquisition, if applicable. If utilizing Federal Supply Schedules, include the specific Schedule number and Special Item Number(s) under which the requirement will be announced.

(ii) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code selected for the acquisition.

(iii) Identification of small business set-aside to include the specific socio-economic category, if applicable.

(iv) Projected time frame for Request for Proposal (RFP)/ Request for Quotation (RFQ) posting.

(S-91) Proactive Updates to Interested Parties after Receipt of Proposals / Quotations.

(1) For acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle value exceeding $50M, the contracting officer shall notify interested parties of the projected award date approximately 30 calendar days prior to the anticipated date of award. Source selection information shall not be provided with this notification. Similar notifications are encouraged, but not required, for acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle below $50M.

(2) In instances where the projected award date will be after the period of performance start date specified in the solicitation, the contracting officer shall provide notification to interested parties. The notification shall include a new projected award date, via amended solicitation and/or update to the announcement, at the point at which it is apparent that award will not be made by the date(s) specified in the solicitation. Contracting officers may provide additional status updates as appropriate for their acquisition.

(3) Notifications to interested parties shall clearly articulate that the purpose of the notification is solely to provide interested parties with status information for the subject procurement and the Government is not soliciting feedback or proposals/quotations as a result of the notification. Notifications shall be reviewed by the assigned legal counsel prior to release. Notification requirements may be waived in writing by the Source Selection Authority (SSA) (or Contract Decision Authority (CDA)). In instances where the contracting officer is the SSA (or CDA), approval to waive the notification requirement resides with the Chief of the Contracting Office (CoCO).

5.403 Request from Members of Congress.

(S-90) Upon Receipt of a congressional request, the contracting officer shall report the request to their CoCO and HCO immediately, if the request was not received from the HCO. The HCO will notify the PSD Front Office for further guidance.

(S-91) Once guidance is received, the contracting officer shall prepare the congressional response in accordance with the Congressional Template located at Submit the congressional response to the PSD Front Office mailbox with the SUBJECT: Congressional Inquiry. The PSD Front Office will further coordinate the response with those outside of PSD and obtain the appropriate approval.

5.404 Release of long-range acquisition estimates.

5.404-1 Release procedures.

(a) The Agency Competition Advocate is authorized to release long-range acquisition estimates


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