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DOLAR Part 2904 Administrative Matters

Part 2904 Administrative Matters

Part 2904 Administrative Matters

Subpart 2904.8 Government Contract Files

2904.800-70 Contents of contract files.

(a) The reports listed in appendix A to this part are applicable to the Department of Labor.

(b) HCAs must be responsible for establishing standard contract files for their contracting activities. The HCA must provide one or more representative contract files to the Director, Division of Acquisition Management Services, as requested for comment.

Appendix A to Part 2904

Title of report


Date due

Submitted to

Report of Proposed Federal Construction*

29 CFR 1.4

Annually; 20-Aug

ESA Davis Bacon.

Contractor Report of Government Property*

FAR Chapter 45;.

Annually; 31-Oct.

Business Operations Center.

Major Preference Program Goals and Achievements Report*

DLMS 2 1000.

By the 20th of each month

Office of Small Business Programs.

A-76 & FAIR Act Inventory.


June 30th of each year.

Office of Competitive Sourcing.

SF 294, Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts.

FAR Subpart 19.7;.


Contracting Officer.


SF 294.

April 30; 30-Oct

Office of Small Business Programs.

SF 295, Summary Subcontract Report

FAR Subpart 19.7;

Semi-annually March 30; September 30.

Contracting Officer.

Value Engineering Report*

OMB Circular A-131

Annually; 7-Dec

Office of Acquisition and Management Support Services.

Report on Federal Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions.

Section 3(a)(7) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Act.

Annually; O/A 15-May.

Upon request From National Science Foundation.

Procurement Forecast Initial and Update

Pub. L. 100-656;.

Sept 15 (Init.) and Apr15 (Update)

Division of Acquisition Management Services.

For those reports with an (*), if there was no activity for the period being reported, a negative response for

the period must be submitted to the requisitioning office.

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