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DOLAR Part 2943 Contract Modifications

Part 2943 Contract Modifications

Part 2943 Contract Modifications

Subpart 2943.2 Change Orders

2943.205 Contract clauses.

HCAs may establish procedures, or office policies, when appropriate for authorizing the contracting officer to vary the 30-day period for submission of adjustment proposals to the clauses prescribed by FAR 43.205.

Subpart 2943.3 Forms

2943.301 Use of forms.

(a) FAR 43.301(a)(1)(vi) requires the use of Standard Form 30 (SF-30) to execute any obligation or deobligation of contract funds after award. FAR 13.307(c)(3) allows, and the Department of Labor prefers, the use of the SF-30 for simplified acquisitions. The SF-30 also must be used to deobligate funds when effecting contract closeout when obligated funds exceed the final contract costs. In such an instance, the SF-30 may be issued as an administrative modification on a unilateral basis if the contractor's financial release has been separately obtained.

(b) The contracting officer must include, in any unilateral contract modification issued for contract closeout, a statement that the contractor has signed a release of claims and indicate the date the release of claims was signed by the contractor.

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