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Part 502—Definitions of Words and Terms

Subpart 502.1—Definitions

502.101 Definitions.

“Agency competition advocate” means the GSA Competition Advocate in the Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer.

“Agency labor advisor” means the Director of the General Services Acquisition Policy Division within the Office of Acquisition Policy.

“Assigned counsel” means the attorney in the Office of General Counsel (including offices of Regional Counsel) assigned to provide legal review or assistance.

“Procuring activity competition advocate” means the individual designated in writing by the Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA).

“Contracting director” means:

(a) Except in the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), a director of a Central Office or Regional office Division responsible for performing contracting or contract administration functions.

(b) In FAS Central Office—

(c) In FAS Regions, the Assistant Regional Commissioner or designee.

“Debarring official” or “suspending official” means GSA’s Suspension & Debarment Official at

“Head of the contracting activity” means the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE); the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and the Public Buildings Service (PBS); or their re-delegates. The Chief Administrative Services Officer serves as the HCA for the Internal Acquisition Division within the Office of Administrative Services. These officials serve within the limits of their delegated authority. The HCA delegations may be found on GSA’s Acquisition Portal (

“Senior procurement executive” means the Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer.

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