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Part 509—Contractor Qualifications

Subpart 509.1—Responsible Prospective Contractors

509.105 Procedures.

509.105-1 Obtaining information.

(a) From a prospective contractor. FAR 9.105-1 lists a number of sources of information that a contracting officer may utilize before making a determination of responsibility. The contracting officer may request information directly from a prospective contractor using GSA Form 527, Contractor’s Qualifications and Financial Information, but only after exhausting other available sources of information.

(b) From Government personnel. The contracting officer may solicit and consider information from any appropriate activities, e.g., legal counsel, quality control, contract management, credit and finance, and auditors before determining that an offeror is responsible.

509.105-2 Determinations and documentation.

(a) The contracting officer shall provide written notification to a prospective contractor determined not responsible. Include the basis for the determination. Notification provides the prospective contractor with the opportunity to correct any problem for future solicitations.

(b) Due to the potential for de facto debarment, the contracting officer shall avoid making repeated determinations of nonresponsibility based on the same past performance information.

(c) To provide for timely consideration of the need to institute action to debar a contractor, the contracting officer shall submit a copy of each nonresponsibility determination, other than those based on capacity or financial capability, to the Suspension and Debarment Official in the Office of Acquisition Policy.

Subpart 509.3—First Article Testing and Approval

509.302 General.

(a) If first article testing and approval is required, GSA usually requires that the contractor perform testing and that the first article:

(b) Coordinate the need for first article testing and approval with the Contract Operations Management Division (FXCC), which will provide the information to complete the clauses at FAR 52.209-3 or 52.209-4.

509.306 Solicitation requirements.

The clauses at FAR 52.209-3 and 52.209-4 do not cover all the solicitation requirements described in FAR 9.306. If a solicitation contains a testing and approval requirement, the contracting officer must address the requirements in FAR 9.306(d) and (f) through (j) in the solicitation’s Section H, special contract requirements.

Subpart 509.4—Debarment, Suspension, and Ineligibility

509.401 Applicability.

This subpart applies to all the following:

(a) Acquisitions of personal property, nonpersonal services, construction, and space in buildings.

(b) Acquisition of transportation services (Federal Management Regulation (FMR) Parts 102-117 and 102-118 (41 CFR parts 102-117 and 102-118)).

(c) Contracts for disposal of personal property (FMR Parts 102-36 through 102-38 (41 CFR parts 102-36 through 102-38)).

(d) Covered transactions as defined by 41 CFR part 105-68.

509.403 Definitions.

“Fact-finding official,” means the Suspension and Debarment Official or a designee.

“Notice” means a letter sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of a party, its counsel, or agent for service of process. In the case of a business, such notice may be sent to any partner, principal officer, director, owner or co-owner, or joint venturer. If no return receipt is received within 10 calendar days of mailing, receipt will then be presumed.

509.405 Effect of listing.

509.405-1 Continuation of current contracts.

(a) When a contractor appears as a current exclusion in the System for Award Management (SAM), consider terminating a contract under any of the following circumstances:

(b) Before terminating a contract when a contractor appears as a current exclusion in the SAM, consider the following factors:

(c) The responsibilities of the agency head under FAR 9.405-1 are delegated to the GSA Senior Procurement Executive.

509.405-2 Restrictions on subcontracting.

The responsibilities of the agency head under FAR 9.405-2(a) are delegated to the Senior Procurement Executive.

509.406 Debarment.

509.406-1 General.

The Suspension and Debarment Official is the designee under FAR 9.406-1(c).

509.406-3 Procedures.

(a) Investigation and referral.

(b) Reports. Include in referrals to the Suspension and Debarment Official a report that contains at least the following:

(c) Review. The Suspension and Debarment Official will review the report, and after coordinating with assigned legal counsel—

(d) Decisionmaking process.

509.407 Suspension.

509.407-1 General.

The Suspension and Debarment Official is the designee under FAR 9.407-1(d).

509.407-3 Procedures.

(a) General. The procedures in 509.406-3 apply to suspension actions except as noted in paragraph (b)of this section.

(b) Fact-finding.

Subpart 509.5—Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest

509.503 Waiver.

The Senior Procurement Executive is the designee under FAR 9.503.

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