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Part 524—Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information

Subpart 524.1—Protection of Individual Privacy

524.103 Procedures.

(a) See 41 CFR part 105-64, GSA Order, Privacy Act Program (CPO 1878.1), and Privacy Act Program information available on Insite, when contracting for the design, development, or operation of a system of records on individuals.

(b) The Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer (OCAO) will review every two years a random sample of contracts that provide for the maintenance of a system of records pursuant to OMB Circular A-130, Appendix 1.

Subpart 524.2—Freedom of Information Act

524.203 Policy.

(a) See 41 CFR 105-60 and GSA FOIA procedures available on Insite, for requirements on making records available under FOIA.

(b) The contracting officer shall notify the appropriate FOIA officer of the request.

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