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Part 549—Termination of Contracts

Subpart 549.1—General Principles

549.111 Review of proposed settlements.

The HCA may establish procedures for the review and approval of settlement agreements at a level above the contracting officer.

Subpart 549.4—Termination for Default

549.402 Termination of fixed–price contracts for default.

549.402-6 Repurchase against contractor’s account.

The contracting officer shall—

(a) Place a brief explanation for the repurchase in the contract file.

(b) If practical, use the original contract terms, conditions, and specification for the repurchase. Whether or not the original terms are used, obtain the advice of assigned legal counsel before issuing a solicitation for similar supplies or work (services and construction).

(c) If the reprocurement is delayed, protect the Government’s rights to recover reprocurement costs by documenting the file to explain the circumstances of the delay.

549.402-7 Other damages.

(a) Even if the repurchase price does not exceed the price of the terminated supplies or work (services and construction), the contracting officer shall include administrative costs incurred for the repurchase when determining the final purchase price. The contracting officer shall include all reprocurement costs in a single demand letter (see FAR 49.402-6(c)). The contracting officer shall include detailed documentation in the contract file to support the Government’s position that the additional administrative costs were a direct result of the default. The contracting officer shall provide a summary of the additional administrative costs in the demand letter.

(b) Administrative costs include, but are not limited to, the following:

(c) For administrative labor costs, record each of the following:

(d) For other incurred administrative costs, the contracting officer shall include travel vouchers, invoices, printing requisitions, and other appropriate evidence of expenditures.

Subpart 549.5—[Reserved]

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