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Part 553—Forms

Subpart 553.1—General

553.101 Requirements for use of forms.

Parts 501–552 and 570 prescribe the requirements for use of GSA forms illustrated or referenced in this part. You may identify the prescription as follows:

(a) Forms available on-line. The list of forms available on-line in 553.370-1 identifies the basic prescription for each referenced form.

(b) Illustrated forms. The prescription for each illustrated form is identified by a cross-reference shown on the illustration. When a form is mentioned in more than one place in this regulation, the section referenced on the illustration is the section that contains the basic prescription.

553.102 Current editions.

You must use the current edition of the forms identified in Subpart 553.3 unless otherwise authorized under this regulation.

553.170 Establishing and revising GSA Forms.

(a) If two or more GSA Services or Offices use a GSA form, the Office of Acquisition Policy maintains the form.

(b) If only one GSA Service or Office uses a GSA form or if the form is used for a contract type unique to one Service or Office (e.g., construction contracts), that Service or Office is responsible for maintaining the form.

(c) Any proposed new or revised GSA acquisition related form must be submitted to the Office of Acquisition Policy for review and concurrence.

Subpart 553.3—Illustrations of Forms

553.300 Scope of subpart.

This subpart illustrates standard and GSA forms prescribed or referenced in Parts 501–551 and 570. Instructions on completing a form, if included, are identified by the suffix “I” after the GSAR section number.

553.300-70 Forms not illustrated.

This subpart does not illustrate either:

(a) Standard forms illustrated in the FAR.

(b) Forms available on-line. You can access the forms listed below at the location indicated.


Form No.


On-line Location


Standard Form 2

U.S. Government Lease for Real Property


GSA Form 72A

Contractor’s Report of Sales


GSA Form 276

Supplemental Lease Agreement


GSA Form 300

Order for Supplies and Services


GSA Form 300A

Order for Supplies and Services (Continuation)


GSA Form 527

Contractor’s Qualifications and Financial Information


GSA Form 1142

Release of Claims


GSA Form 1364

Proposal to Lease Space


GSA Form 1217

Lessor’s Annual Cost Statement


GSA Form 1535

Recommendation for Award(s)


GSA Form 2010

Small Purchase Tabulation Source List/Abstract


GSA Form 2419

Certification of Progress Payments Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts


GSA Form 2689

Small Business Analysis Record


GSA Form 3409

Personal Qualifications Statement for Appointment as Contracting Officer


GSA Form 3420

Contract/Modification File Checklist File Format (Award)


GSA Form 3617

Record of Authorization of Access to Proprietary or Source Selection Information


GSA Form 3626

U.S. Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form)


GSA Form 3695

Mentor-Protégé Program Application

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