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This NASA FAR Supplement (NFS) has been prepared as carefully as possible; however, errors happen. Please complete this form to notify us of mistakes such as misspelled words, omitted material, or errors in format. If more convenient, you may send us a copy of the erroneous page with corrections noted. Do not use this form to submit suggested changes to the Regulation (see 1801.271(b)). Responses should be mailed to:
NASA, Code 1940D-2
Contract Management Division

Washington, DC 20546

Or email to Cynthia O'Bryant at:

An error has been noted as follows:
NFS Part, Subpart, or Section:
Page Number and Page Date:
Nature of Error:

The official NASA-maintained version of the NFS is available at This website offers a number of useful features not available in the paper version, including FAR and NFS search functions. If a user desires to maintain a paper copy, a Word version of the NFS is available at:

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