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5204.201 (DFARS 204.201) Procedures.

(3)(i) DoN activities shall post an electronic copy of each newly executed procurement instrument (contracts, purchase orders, delivery orders, modifications, etc.) within two working days of execution, to the DoD Electronic Document Access (EDA) (, regardless of dollar value or method of payment. All parts of an instrument that would have been provided to a recipient in paper shall be made available electronically.

5204.404 (FAR 4.404) Contract Clause.

(a) Contracting officers shall include the FAR clause 52.204-2, “Security Requirements” and any appropriate Alternate, in all contracts, including those awarded pursuant to FAR Part 12, “Acquisition of Commercial Items.”

(S-90)(1) If the clause is not used when applicable—

(i) Approval shall be obtained from the HCA. Approval is delegable to no lower than the Deputy/Assistant Commander for Contracts.

(ii) Submit a copy of the approval document to DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “FAR4.404 – Contract Action Without Clause 52.204-2, Security Requirements.”


5204.604 (DFARS 204.604) Responsibilities.

(3)(i) No later than 30 days from the end of the quarter, HCAs shall complete quarterly data verification and validation (V&V) in accordance with the data V&V process described in section 4.0 available at and submit quarterly results and certifications to DASN(AP) eBusiness Policy and Oversight Division by email at RDAJ& with the subject “DFARS 204.604 – Quarterly Data Verification and Validation.”

(ii) By December 1st of each year, HCAs shall submit the required annual certification and data validation results for the preceding fiscal year reported data on contract actions following the instructions and format at to DASN(AP) E-business Policy and Oversight Division by email at RDAJ& with the subject “DFARS 204.604 – Annual Data Verification and Validation.”


5204.802 (DFARS 204.802) Contract files.

(2) Official record copies may include computer generated documents prepared within the contracting activity to request and support individual contracting actions.

5204.804 (FAR 4.804) Closeout of contract files.

5204.804-1 (FAR 4.804-1) Closeout by the office administering the contract.

(a)(1) After receiving evidence of receipt of supplies/services for firm-fixed price contracts or task or delivery orders valued at less than $550,000, the contracting officer may close the contract, citing NMCARS 5204.804-1(a)(1), as long as there is evidence of final payment or 180 days have elapsed after the final scheduled delivery date.

(S-90) Submit an annual report compliant with the DASN(AP) memorandum entitled, “Addressing the Backlog of Overage Contracts” dated January 5, 2016 in the format prescribed in Annex 16 to

DASN(AP) by e-mail at with the subject “NMCARS 5201.804-1(S-90) – Annual

Overage Contracts Report” by 28 February. Negative reports ARE required.

5204.805 (FAR 4.805) Storage, handling, and contract files.

(c) Contracts, task and delivery orders and any modifications thereto (and related records or documents, including successful and unsuccessful proposals) shall be retained for 10 years after final payment.


5204.7003 (DFARS 204.7003) Basic PII number.

(a) Elements of a number.

(3) Position 9. Assign the capital letter “G” to the ninth position of the basic Procurement Instrument Identification (PII) Number for Educational Service Agreements.

5204.7004 (DFARS 204.7004) Supplementary PII numbers.

(d) Delivery orders under indefinite delivery contracts, orders under basic ordering agreements, and calls under blanket purchase agreements. Requests for assignment of two-character call/order

serial numbers are to be submitted in writing to DASN(AP) by email at with the

subject “DFARS 204.7004 - Call/Order Serial Number Request.” The request shall include activity name, complete address, Unit Identification Code (UIC), dollar limit of purchasing authority, and estimated number of orders per contract.

(2) Orders placed against another activity's contract or agreement.

(i) If the office placing the order or call is the only activity placing orders under the contract or agreement, use of serial numbers 0001 through 9999 is authorized.

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