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5232.202 (FAR 32.202) General.

5232.202-1 (FAR 32.202-1) Policy.

(d) Unusual contract financing. HCAs are not authorized to approve unusual contract financing.

In accordance with DFARS 232.070(a), DPAP is the approval authority. Submit requests for approval via DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “DFARS 232.202-1(d) – Unusual Contract Financing.”


5232.402 (FAR 32.402) General.

(e) Submit requests for advance payments to ASN(FM&C) via DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “FAR 32.402 – Advance Payments Request.”


5232.501 (DFARS 232.501) General.

5232.501-2 (PGI 232.501-2) Unusual progress payments.

Forward requests to DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “DFARS 232.501 – Unusual Progress Payment Request.”


5232.607 (FAR 32.607) Installment payments and deferment of collection.

5232.607-2 (FAR 32.607-2) Deferment of collection.

(c)(2)(S-90) Information should be submitted with all requests, whether or not an appeal is pending or a Dispute action filed. In addition, include the following information:
(a) If applicable, the final decision, the appeal, the status of the appeal, and the name of the DoN lead trial attorney.
(b) The appropriation account(s) that will be credited with the repayment or debited with the liability if the appeal is successful.
(c) Points of contact at the cognizant paying and contract administration offices.
(d) Any small business concern representation.

5232.610 (DFARS 232.610) Demand for payment of contract debt.

(3) Submit requests for DPAP approval of deferment of contract debt collections via DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “PGI 232.601 - Deferment of Contract Debt Collection.” Requests for deferment authority shall be signed by the HCA, CCO, and contracting officer. In cases where the contracting organization, at their level, determines a deferment request is not required or is denied, no further action is needed.

5232.690 DoN claims against a contractor.

The review and approval requirements of 5233.9001 apply to the settlement of DoN claims against contractors.


5232.790 Establishment of obligations.

For documents requiring two signatures to be valid obligations, both signatures must be affixed prior to expiration of the appropriation or fund involved. Signatures to such obligating documents must be dated the day that they are affixed to the document. The date of the last required signature determines the date of the obligation for recording purposes.

5232.791 Obligation of transportation cost in purchase documents.

When the supplier is to be reimbursed for transportation costs, the contracting officer should include an estimate of such costs in the contract under the appropriation data, as follows: "For obligation purposes only, the transportation costs chargeable to the funds indicated above are estimated to be $ ."

These estimated transportation costs should not be included in the total posted in the "Amount" blank on the face of the purchase document; however, the words "PLUS TRANS" should be inserted within the "Amount" blank to alert interested personnel to this additional obligation.

5232.792 Accounting and appropriation data.

Contracts, orders, and change orders or amendments that revise the accounting data for any item or change the total amount of a contract should indicate the accounting code numbers under which payments on the contract or order are to be made. The accounting and appropriation data represents the accounting classification reference number (ACRN).

5232.793 Responsibility for accounting classification and payments data.

(a) The contracting office is responsible for ensuring that all contracts and modifications are written in such a manner that all quantities, items, tasks, services, etc., required by the contract or modification can be related to specific accounting data cited in the contract or modification.

(b) Shipping instructions issued under a contract or modification should identify the CLIN, Subline Item Number (SLIN) and ACRN, which will permit identification of the accounting classification to which each quantity of each item, service, or task, is properly chargeable. To facilitate proper payment, contracts should require that the contractor cite the CLIN, SLIN, and ACRN, reflected in the shipping instructions, on applicable invoices.


5232.903 (DFARS 232.903) Responsibilities.

For Prompt Payment Act purposes, every contract, including actions accomplished by simplified acquisition procedures, should indicate on its face whether the payments under it are:

(a) Subject to the 7 calendar day constructive acceptance period;

(b) Subject to acceptance terms other than (a) above; or

(c) Not subject to the Prompt Payment Act.

5232.905 (FAR 32.905) Payment documentation and process.

If a Technical Representative or Contracting Officer's Representative has been assigned in the contract, the contracting officer should designate that individual to receive an information copy of the invoice.

5232.7002 (DFARS 232.7002) Policy.

(a)(1)(v) Furnish a copy of the determination provided to the SPE to DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject “DFARS 232.7002(a)(1)(v) - Release From Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports in Electronic Form.”

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