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NMCARS ANNEX 11 - Delegation of Contracting Authority

ANNEX 11 - Delegation of Contracting Authority

In accordance with 5201.601-90(a)(3), HCAs or their authorized designees shall notify DASN(AP) of a planned delegation of contracting authority to a HCA where the delegation

ultimately leads to a procurement by a DoD Activity outside DoN. The notification must address

the following information:

I. Identify Proposed DoD Organization to be Delegated Contracting Authority

II. Describe Extent of Contracting Authority to be Delegated

III. Provide Rationale to Support Delegation of Contracting Authority

IV. Describe Qualifications of Personnel Exercising Contracting Authority (Contracting Officer(s))

Note: Requests for delegation of contracting authority and approval of delegation requests are accomplished at an HCA to HCA level to facilitate awareness of workload implications associated with the delegations.

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