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VAAR Part 847 - Transportation

Part 847 - Transportation

AUTHORITY:  40 U.S.C. 121(c) and 48 CFR 1.301-1.304.

Subpart 847.3 - Transportation in Supply Contracts

847.303  Standard delivery terms and contract clauses.

847.303-1  F.o.b. origin.

Shipments falling within this category must be shipped on a bill of lading, except as provided in 41 CFR 102-118.40.  Contracting officers must comply with 41 CFR Parts 102-117 and 102-118.  Contact the Traffic Manager for assistance in determining when to issue the applicable bill of lading (VA Commercial Bill of Lading for domestic use or Government Bill of Lading for international shipments and domestic off-shore shipments) and for all freight estimates.

847.303-70  F.o.b. origin, freight prepaid, transportation charges to be included on the invoice.

(a) The delivery terms will be stated as “f.o.b. origin, transportation prepaid, with transportation charges to be included on the invoice,” under any of the following circumstances:

(b) Orders issued on VA Form 90-2138, Orders for Supplies or Services, must identify shipping instructions on the reverse side of the form.  When VA Form 90-2138 is not used, the vendor must do the following:

(c) Each contracting officer is responsible for:

(d) When, in accordance with FAR Subpart 28.3 and FAR 47.102 , a shipment must be insured or the value declared, the contracting officer will specifically instruct the vendor to do so on the order when a written order is used.  If the order is oral, the vendor must annotate all copies of the purchase request to show that the insurance/declared value was specifically requested.

847.305  Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

847.305-70  Potential destinations known but quantities unknown.

When the VA National Acquisition Center contracts with multiple bidders to provide items directly to VA field installations on an f.o.b. origin basis, the evaluation of bids must follow specific procedures.  To place each bid on an equal basis, even though specific quantities required by each facility cannot be predetermined, the contracting officer must use an anticipated demand factor in proportion to the number of hospital beds or patient workload.  The clause prescribed in 852.247-70 must be used in these instances.

847.306  Transportation factors in the evaluation of offers.

847.306-70  Transportation payment and audit.

Transportation payments are audited by the Traffic Manager to ensure that payment and payment mechanisms for agency transportation are uniform and appropriate in accordance with 41 CFR Part 102-118.

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